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One of the primary areas of focus of the Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est transformation plan, an integral part of the #WeAreOne area of strategic focus No. 4 “Building differently”, is to organise our logistics operations. Buoyed by the momentum of the logistics approach initiated by SmartFabrik at Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe, Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est decided to deploy an effective logistics organisation for all its projects by setting up a Logistics Expert Committee.  This network, which brings together employees from different business lines, aims to organise the logistics approach on a company level to make operations flow better and improve quality on our construction sites. Explanations.

Site logistics is the combination of actions and means to be introduced to get the right products to the right place at the right time. A Logistics Expert Committee was launched at the beginning of March to pool and complete our logistics approach.

Twelve logistics experts in the South East

This network of BBSE logistics experts, designated by the Operating Committee (COMITEX) in conjunction with the SmartFabrik team, comprises 12 employees from different business lines (Construction Work; Health, Safety & Prevention; Planning; Integrated Purchasing (DAI); Methods). They come from all the regions where the company operates (see box) to be as close as possible to all our construction sites. What does their role entail?

- Provide local support to the Construction Work teams and subcontractors to implement logistic aspects in their operations.
Pass on information at a local level to the Sales and Construction Work teams about changes, ideas and areas for development spearheaded by the BBFE and SmartFabrik teams.
Gain information about the actions set up for our operations and share feedback about their effectiveness among experts.

This regional networking must foster the introduction of a streamlined and pooled organisation to achieve improved operations efficiency and schedule management, and higher levels of quality. The Logistic Expert Commitee held its first meeting on 8th March to present the BBSE logistics action plan and the role and tasks of the experts. Regular meetings will taken place. The focus of the next metting will be on the Tender Division in Villefranche-sur-Saône with a trial operation testing the pooled logistics approach in the presence of a member of the SmartFabrik team.

It’s over to the experts!
Laurent Bousquet, Deputy Director of the Engineering Division, Head of the Implementation Engineering branch, Logistics Expert Committee Lead
“My role is to lead this BBSE Logistics Experts Committee by ensuring that the logistics culture is communicated in an anticipated, structured and uniform manner across the region. This commitee is a platform for discussing and sharing our operational experiences in termes of logistics. It ensures good addimilation of our logistics approach within our operations to improve our working conditions, organisation and competitiveness. I am also involved in the BBFE logistics committee. Through this committee, we will communicate the initiatives or tests performed by operational staff to enable greater sharing at a BBFE level.”

Noélie Creach, Planner, Engineering Department, Lyon
“I am a planner and one of the logistics experts on the committee. As such, I am one of the logistics relay officers for the BBSE North region. I am currently mainly working on the Hôpital Nord-Ouest de Villefranche-sur-Saône project. We have been working with the construction works team, together with the support of SmartFabrik, for several months (detailed sequences, offsite and onsite prefabrication, procurement means, etc.).  This is to ensure we stick to the extremely tight construction work time frame given by BBSE to meet our client’s needs. 
The primary aim of the Expert Committee is to share with the whole company good practices that have been tried and tested on our construction sites.  The committee will also assist teams that are starting to look into logistics and who need simple tools or methods to organise their approach.  The designated experts help each person know who to contact to ask questions and obtain help where necessary.”

Alexis Ferrière, Head of the Construction Group, Côte d’Azur
“As a logistics expert, my role is to share the good practices accrued both at a company level and within BBFE via SmartFabrik. I also provide project assistance as of the design phases to target the actions to be set up and ensure advanced logistics. In addition, I am responsible for deploying the initiative for the Villa Lucia operation in Monaco and liaising with local service providers to support us in the approach. The Expert Committee is useful because it interconnects the region using relay officers to capitalise on construction work experience and standardise our way of tackling logistics matters.”
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