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27 May 2021 saw the latest edition of the “TOP/COM Grand Prix of Corporate Business 2021”, held as part of the Corporate and BtoB Communications Convention. The goal of this event is to showcase trends in communications with the power to promote a company’s image to a wide audience.

Among the companies seeking recognition for their top communications initiatives this years, Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe threw its hat into the ring by entering its Sonopolis podcast, which went on to take home the silver prize!

I’m very proud to see our teams challenging traditional channels of communications, and reinventing their approach to fit with the ways people access media and emerging trends in ethical consumerism and consumption of information.

Guillaume Joly Directeur de la communication de Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe

Launched in late 2019, Sonopolis, la voix de la ville (‘Voice of the City)’ is a new podcast that keeps listeners up to speed on key trends and events in real estate and construction. Each episode focuses on a particular type of building: offices, hotels, apartments, schools, etc. to create a sort of virtual model town, bringing listeners behind the scenes and introducing them to the people who are building the cuties of the future.  These include experts in construction, real estate, architects, and artisans, but also regular citizens giving their view on the transformation of modern cities.

Why a podcast?
In order to reach a public audience by choosing a format that is now one of the most popular with mainstream audiences, and opting for an angle that leans toward culture and lifestyle issues rather than the brand, which takes a back seat. It’s a format with broader appeal and an ear to the ground of social trends, which has found an eager audience.

After running for over a year with promising audience numbers, Sonopolis is branching out in 2021 with the launch of mini-podcasts: 5-minute shorts dedicated to CSR issues. The first episode looked at bio-sourced materials, and was released in May. Click here to listen!

Sonopolis is available on all major podcast platforms (Apple and Android), streaming platforms (Deezer, Spotify), and online - click here to listen!  
(Content only available in French).

Looking to listen (or re-listen) to previous episodes?
The Office of the Future: Open, central, sustainable, shared, roaming desks...what will our workplaces look like in the future?
The Hotel of the Future: Made-to-measure, efficient, sustainable, innovative - what does the future of luxury hotels look like? Back to basics or newfound splendour?
The Aquatic Centres of tomorrow: Swimming lessons, water sports, spaces for wellbeing and relaxation, with carefully controlled use of water and energy - what will tomorrow’s aquatic centres look like? Is the simple swimming pool a thing of the past?
The Future of Wood Building:  High-rise apartments, fast construction, reduced carbon footprints, improved levels of comfort for residents - what does the future hold for wood-built accommodation? Wood building was once the preserve of freestanding houses, but is that still the case?

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Contact : Cindy MAESANO
Editorial and digital communication - Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe
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