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BY SQUARE, what is it?

A concept? No...a collaborative platform at the service of all: What is it?

BY SQUARE is a collaborative and cross-functional platform that meets the need for transparency and autonomy in the management of interactions with our customers, our customers' customers, our subcontractors and partners and our teams in the field.
BY SQUARE was born out of the desire of the Customer Service, After-Sales Service and Procurement teams, joined by the players in the field of On-site Rehabilitation, to make our customers' experience more fluid and personalised, while at the same time responding to our internal problems. 
It has 4 objectives: 
1 - A memorable customer journey.
2 - More rewarding tasks for the teams.
3 - The inclusion of subcontractors.
4 - Operational excellence for the benefit of all.

On 6 July, all the ambassadors met for a launch kick-off in a former factory in the centre of Paris. In face-to-face or remote sessions, these new ambassadors - highly motivated - contributed immediately during collaborative workshops.
This project - launched by the trades & for the trades - is now on track.

BY SQUARE serves all stakeholders involved in the customer journey: after-sales teams, sales representatives, site managers, assistants, etc., but also our partners and subcontractors, not forgetting the customer himself. 
Eventually, everyone will be able to access all the information they need at the time they choose... 

The entire customer journey will thus be made more fluid, to their greater satisfaction, and that of our internal teams.

BY SQUARE is a promise to simplify your life!

A top project team!
The task is huge and the challenge is worth it. The support of top management is total.

So who does what?
The dedicated project team is made up of a Project Director, Livia FAYOLLE, from BBNE.
She is surrounded by a Product Manager, Pascal Ménager, a Project Manager Officer, Michèle LANDOIS, and business pilots (Iness TLIBA, Jérôme-Fitzgérald MARTIN, Frédéric OLIVIE).

To complete the picture, a team of business ambassadors, in charge of designing the simplest paths to information on the customer, the site, the complaint, the questions and answers, etc...
BY SQUARE, why this name?
The square is the place where all publics (and all tools) gather and meet.
Square is also an attitude: to be transparent, frank and truthful.  

A place of gathering and an attitude to achieve the objectives assigned to this project:
Satisfaction and
QUAlity of the
Customer RElations
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Contact : Livia FAYOLLE
Project Manager at Bouygues Bâtiment Nord-Est
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