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Each employee (site workers, site managers, buyers, sales people, operational staff, etc.) whatever their entity or job, can propose an idea and obtain support in the development of a value-added project.

This is the case with the 875 projects featured to date on the Right.Now platform, which are part of acceleration or mentoring schemes or programmes all over Bouygues Construction.

Many filters are in place to help you find the solution you’re looking for:

     > Project stages

     > Approach

     > Theme

     > Business line

     > Speciality

     > Challenge

     > Challenge winners

The Innoleaders, the innovation contacts within each entity, are present to guide employees in their area to the relevant people, who will be able to support their project.

Do you have an original idea to propose or are you seeking a solution?

So go right here to submit the idea you want to develop or to discover Bouygues Construction’s portfolio of projects and solutions!

What is an “innovation project”?

An innovation project can be an innovative idea, a future innovation (providing added value to the company), a good site practice or simply an initiative not yet implemented within the Group.

These projects, from the ideas stage to deployable solutions, will be proposed on your work sites or to your clients.

Challenges organised to identify good innovations all over the Group

Projects can be submitted to innovation challenges in order to contribute to the development and reach of innovation within and beyond Bouygues Construction. This has been the case for the projects in the 12 different InnoCup challenges, which involved a maximum number of employees to contribute to the development and promotion of innovation, both in France and internationally. Find the winning and favourite projects from the InnoCup 2020 competition.

Don’t wait for the next innovation competition!

     > Contribute now and on an ongoing basis to bringing innovation to life, by adding your projects to the Right.Now platform to share them with the whole innovation community,

     > Browse the projects already on the platform.

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Contact : Julien BOURCERIE
Head of open innovation and corporate venture at Bouygues Construction SA
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