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This €236 million contract (excluding CET), signed last July, includes four office buildings, a campus centre and an energy centre.

The project, designed by a consortium of three architectural firms, SCAU, Chaix & Morel et Associés and Art & Build, is particularly ambitious in terms of sustainable development and will focus on a number of technological innovations that meet demanding environmental standards.

With 37,500 m² of wood structure and powered by 100% renewable energy for its heating and cooling needs, the new site will be a real showcase for the energy transition and a benchmark for a low-carbon campus.

This eco-campus, which is scalable and horizontal, is scheduled for completion in 2024 and will house up to 8,000 employees. Its architectural design, with a maximum of 7 floors, will encourage cross-functionality and collaboration between teams as well as the inclusion of residents.

On the ground floor and in the "Heart" of the Campus, exchanges between ENGIE employees and external stakeholders: associations, partners, customers, students, etc. will be possible to make the Campus a real place of meeting and living, of creativity and innovation. It will offer employees offices open to the city and residents public facilities such as a crèche, a gym, shops and restaurants.

At the height of the project, 190 site workers and 50 supervisors and managers from Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France Construction Privée will be working on this emblematic project this year.

A few figures :
  • 78,132 m² of office space
  • 5,881 sq. m. of commercial space
  • 6,848 m² ERP
  • 37,500 m² of floors in wood structure
  • 42,400 m² of curtain walling
  • 6,332 workstations
  • 970 m² crèche
  • 2,215 m² of gymnasium
  • 1,310 car spaces
  • 143 motorbike spaces

Technical details : 
Owner : Nexity
Investors : Swiss Life
Architects : SCAU / Chaix & Morel et associés  / Art & Build
Landscapere : Base
Project Manager : Artelia
User : Engie

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