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Why did we need a new intranet?
Olivier Sonneville (OS) / In just a few years, the way we ‘consume’ news, look up information, work collaboratively, especially with the development of remote working, has greatly changed. We needed to rethink the intranet to address the new ways it is used and the challenges that our employees and entities are facing.

Com.Unity Desk, which was one of the biggest intranets in the group, provided several services but only partially catered to local needs. This new intranet, which was designed with each entity, is better adapted to the particularities of each of our business lines and their challenges.

From now on, each entity will have its own intranet, based on a technological platform that is shared within the group. These portals offer specific navigation, showing targeted information, and use a localised search engine for a user experience that is adapted to your entity.
Which issues are solved with this new platform?
OS / The intranet remains an information portal but has been designed as a hub that will give you access to a global range of services. 

Nomadism has been integrated into it in all sorts of ways, from accessibility (with or without a VPN) and mobility using any type of device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) with a user experience that is adapted to each of these use contexts.

We have also majorly simplified admin work for intranet contributors. Page templates are now suggested, functional modules are ready-to-use and can be added in just a few clicks, and there’s even an automatic translation feature! Day-to-day management has never been as powerful, fast or easy.

Lastly, we tried to bring together local information (on an entity level) and global information (on a group level), all while ensuring transversality with a selection of content that can be accessed by all, no matter the intranet, in French and in English.
To sum up, this intranet has been designed to be both something that is global and local, simple to roll out, easy to use, multilingual and that can be used everywhere. 

In 2022, we’re going to go even further and proceed to the next step, which is to make the intranet a true digital workplace. We’re going to do this by integrating the intranet into Teams, at the heart of work desktop environments with Office 365.
How to access the intranet and which contents to find there?
OS / If you’re using your computer, just open your browser because the intranet is set up to open automatically. If you’re using your phone or tablet, you can get to it via the SharePoint app or using your browser. 

In terms of content, you have access to Com.Unity News via the dedicated section on your intranet’s home page, to maintain access to information from the entire group.

Other modules have been rolled out locally, depending on how they’re used: commercial performance indicators, corporate life on Yammer, social networks, the local news module, shortcuts to frequently used apps, etc. 

The project has been designed and will work in agile mode, so we can improve these spaces on an ongoing basis. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!
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Contact : Olivier SONNEVILLE
Digital Communication Manager
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