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The experiment initiated with these two companies will last until July 2022.

All staff participating benefit from access to the two platforms throughout the duration of the experiment (6 months):

> “The place of real estate” proposed by HBS Research

> “asknamR” provided by namR

Training has taken place and is available in replay to facilitate the assimilation of these complementary tools.

The cross-referencing of the databases on the two platforms is, for the time being, done manually, hence the need to clearly frame the specific requirements of each profession in order to define the corresponding user pathway. The usage cases will enable the conditions for obtaining data to be determined: in what format (detailed datasheet, map, list, etc.)? At what frequency (occasional in the context of an assignment or a project, recurrent in the context of intelligence gathering, etc.)? 

All the data available on the Internet may be used to meet your requirements; this may cover:
> T
he technical description of the building (roofing, energy, building, etc.)
> T
he risks to which the building is exposed (geological, climatic)
> T
he description of the building’s surroundings (sociological, economic and demographic points of interest)
> T
he stakeholders in the building
> T
he operations on the building

Four key topics have been defined and will each be the subject of a series of workshops:
> Construction/renovation
> Land development
> Operation/maintenance
> Marketing

If you wish to get involved, you can contact us to:
Join a team (monthly workshops lasting 90 minutes from the end of March until June)
Share your usage cases and/or requirements in order to study their feasibility with HBS and namR

Link to the Data4Business Teams team

Your BYCN contacts:
> Jules Ferrer:
> Béryl André-Hottinguer:
> Fabrice Poline:
Download the attachment in pdf.
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