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The Ø125 mm angle grinder is one of the best-selling portable electric tools in the world; it also has one of the highest accident rates, which is why Bouygues Construction has banned the use of these tools on its sites for many years.

The challenge for the group was to provide our colleagues with a tool that would guarantee efficiency and safety. As such, the very high safety grinder developed by FEIN and Bouygues Construction has been eagerly awaited by future users.

Jointly developed under an exclusive R&D partnership signed as part of Bouygues Construction's Zero Accident policy, this tool aims to ensure optimum safety for its users by avoiding all risks of accidents.

After being tested by Bouygues Construction workers in prototype form in 2021, this grinder has been in production since the beginning of the year and will be deployed on all the group's sites from this summer.

Diverse teams united around a project.

Instigated by Bouygues Construction's Health and Safety Prevention Department, this project is the result of a major collaborative effort involving a large number of group entities, including Bouygues Construction Purchasing, Bouygues Construction Matériel, Bouygues Bâtiments France Europe, Bouygues Travaux Publics, Bouygues Énergies & Services and the Innovation and Management Departments.

For over three years, each of the group's teams has been working alongside FEIN, applying their expertise to meet the very strict specifications. Together, they worked towards a collective vision: shared innovation to improve the health and safety of workers.

Operator safety guaranteed.

It features essential and innovative benefits such as not being able to start without a safety guard, compulsory two-handed operation and immediate shutdown in the event of a recoil. Ergonomic studies have also supported its design, ensuring a comfortable working environment thanks to its compact construction, light weight and perfect balance.

The design of the second handle was tested after measuring the forces generated on the fingers to operate the trigger: a pioneering study using a special sensor glove. 

As employee health and safety is a priority for Bouygues Construction, it will be the only angle grinder authorised for use on the group's worksites. Thanks to its compliance with international regulations, it will be deployed worldwide.

A symbolic award for an exceptional product.

At the beginning of March, the very high safety grinder was awarded "Best of the Best" in the "Tools" category of the Red Dot Design Award. A prestigious international jury has awarded this exceptional product the highest accolade!

On 25 March this year, the culmination of this teamwork was celebrated with a symbolic handover of the tool at Challenger, Bouygues Construction's head office, attended by representatives of the group and FEIN, as well as the project's organisation committee.

Bouygues Construction has had an ambitious health and safety prevention policy for 20 years. Our most valuable asset is the women and men who work on our sites. We want to offer them the best working conditions and tools anywhere in the world. I am delighted with the cooperation between our teams and FEIN, as all our workers will be equipped with a very high safety grinder that has been specially designed for them.

Philippe Fornage Health and Safety Manager at Bouygues Construction

As a manufacturer of hand-held power tools for over 150 years, we have always made user safety a core focus of our development and innovation. From the outset, we were attracted to Bouygues Construction's project, despite the very complex specifications, the technical challenge and the deadline. One of the challenges was to combine "safety and daily use" with a budget that was almost the same as for a standard machine.

Laurent Schwarz Managing Director France and Head of Western Europe at FEIN.

The start of a long life...

From April, Bouygues Construction's distribution network, Distrimo, will present the new tool to construction sites in France. This summer, the first grinders will be delivered. And finally, orders to the construction sector will open in 2023.

FEIN, Power tools made in Germany.
Founded in 1867, FEIN is one of the world's leading manufacturers of power tools and is renowned for the quality and robustness of its products. With over 90% of production in-house, FEIN offers products that are "Made in Germany".

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Contact : Vincent MELLOT
Health and Safety Prevention Manager
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