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Qoosy... It is the information and exchange platform that facilitates the life of customers and partners throughout their journey with the Company.
This platform - the result of long term work - aims to provide real time visibility and more fluid exchanges between the parties and allows them to save time and establish a relationship of trust and proximity.

The programme includes a variety of scenarios with a choice cast!

Our clients will be able to watch the film of their projects in real time.
No need to turn over the earth to find out the status of their request! The dialogue is fluid in all seasons.

In the company, our partners are also on the stage.  
No more paper, the management of the request for intervention is simplified and the transmission of information facilitated thanks to a single prompter which guarantees the traceability of the dialogues: a daily interface which makes everyone grow.

Finally, the after-sales service professions complete the company: from the sales managers to the companions and the management, they have all contributed with their prose to the opening of the room which promises to modernise their role by making it more collaborative, intuitive and transparent both internally and externally.

Now that the stage is set, the play can finally begin. There is no doubt that it will be a success. The promotional tour has started and you will soon see these posters on your walls.
Please give Qoosy the thumbs up it deserves and share your enthusiasm with the stakeholders in the Company so that everyone can contribute their ideas and stories.

And there is no break for the team behind the scenes: they are already preparing Act 2 for the pleasure of the Occupied Site Rehabilitation audience.

To be continued...

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Contact : Livia FAYOLLE
Project Manager at Bouygues Bâtiment Nord-Est
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