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In light of the current situation, it has become essential to adapt our lifestyle to the environmental and climatic changes we are experiencing.

All over the world, the consequences of global warming are getting even more obvious and even more significant, with the melting ice caps, torrential rainfall and intense periods of drought.

IPCC studies indicate that human activity has led to an increase in temperatures across the planet of between 0.8°C and 1.2°C above the levels of the pre-industrial era. In trajectories that set a limit for global warming at 1.5°C maximum, CO2 emissions will fall until they become non-existent across the globe in around 2050. 

These indicators are today encouraging us to adapt our behaviour on a daily basis and adopt a more responsible attitude. There is already a considerable number of initiatives implemented within the group so that everyone can do their part, including a reduction in greenhouse gases, lowering our carbon footprint, making responsible purchases and reducing our energy consumption.

Training for concrete action

During the European Sustainable Development weeks from 17 September to 8 October, the teams from Bouygues Construction will be organising awareness campaigns in various locations across Europe. Look out for any initiatives taking place near you.

You can also take a few moments to go through the ‘Act for the climate’ training course that Bouygues Construction launched a year ago. The goal is to raise awareness of the group’s current strategy for all the teams working within the group. Concrete figures will also be provided to illustrate the group’s environmental impact. This training course is interactive, fun and practical. Employees will also have to answer questions about their own daily habits and initiatives that have an impact on their carbon footprint. What is the right behaviour to adopt in order to reduce your carbon footprint? How can you change your habits and reduce your environmental impact? Throughout this training course, you’ll be given plenty of advice and good practices that you can then put into action!

This training is now compulsory and included in performance goals for managers. The goal is to encourage all the group’s employees to take action, to give them the means to do their part, to act over the long term and to get involved in the group’s climate strategy.

To access the climate training, click here to go to Bylearn.

A closer look at Bouygues Construction's climate strategy
Bouygues Construction’s climate strategy was launched on 26 January 2021 with a single goal in mind: to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities by bringing down our CO2 emissions by at least 30%, by 2030. This goal can be reached by implementing various action plans centred around 4 specific strategies: Reconsider the design, use and end-of-life use for constructions, low-carbon construction and responsible materials, reduction of our energy consumption and integration of low-carbon solutions.

Find out more about the group’s climate strategy on the Bouygues Construction intranet.
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