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Sign and validate your documents electronically

Dematerializing your documents means replacing paper documents by digital files or producing them directly in digital format via our Information System (IS).
Saving time and reducing the use of paper? You can do so by signing your documents with DocuSign or validating them with eParaph. These two solutions simplify your daily life while securing the path of your documents.
No more contracts lying around on a table, no more useless back and forth... with these digital tools, the route of documents is controlled, deadlines are met, errors are limited, and recipients are identified and embedded.

Identify your assets to create value

Are you still using paper? The Legal Department and BYCN IT can help you choosing the best tool to suit your needs
All known use cases are listed on the Digital Workflow site: delegation of powers, building documents, contracts, signature mandates, etc. 
Your use case is not identified? Send it to the IT team via this form. This will contribute to improve your team's performance and certainly help many others.

Before using Docusign, the signing process was time consuming, and the paper format did not ensure an efficient and secure follow-up. Today, it takes me about one week to sign a document, the process is streamlined, it's a real time saver for me, and it can go even faster if the signatories are reactive!

Valérie PEPION 1st Docusign user - BYCN IT purchasing department

Don't forget your local IT representative, they are there to help you!

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