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VSL and Lab TP have joined forces to create a bridge inspection robot and algorithm that are set to help the bridge inspection move forward. Recently showcased at the AWS Summit in Paris, this groundbreaking technology can detect and classify defects on stay cables, saving valuable expert time and reducing operators’ fatigue.

Stay cables can get mechanically damaged, exposed to environmental conditions or accidental damage. Given the critical role of these cables in bridge safety, their inspection and maintenance is crucial, but it is a time-consuming and error-prone process that requires expert operators. VSL and Lab TP's innovative solution has significantly reduced the risk of operator fatigue. By using an automated video-capturing equipment that moves along the stay cable combined with an artificial intelligence algorithm that can detect and classify defects on the cables from the videos taken, this novel solution has made the inspection process faster, more efficient, and safer.

Inspecting the free length of cables is crucial to ensure their durability and structural integrity, but traditional methods involve visual inspections using binoculars or even accessing the cables via gondolas or rope access. These methods are slow, costly, and pose safety risks to workers. Robotic inspections have provided a solution to these issues. While this method captures 100% of the cable's length, machine learning technology can now automatically detect damages, making cable inspections more accurate.

Mechanized, robotic inspection of cables coupled with machine learning algorithms has changed the way we inspect cables. Not only does it allow us to capture the entire length of the cable quickly and efficiently, but it also reduces the risk of accidents for our workers. The added benefit of the machine learning algorithm is that it automates the detection of damages, saving us countless hours of manual review. With its recent showcasing at the AWS Summit in Paris, this robot is set to transform bridge inspections, saving valuable time and resources while also enhancing safety.

Andreas Schwarz VSL Repair Business Line Manager

This robot is a game-changer in the industry. Its recent display at the AWS Summit on 4th April marks a new era in bridge inspections. We are excited to see what the future holds for this technology as it is now ready to be deployed on bridges worldwide. Witness the efficiency of this robot firsthand in this video that shows its capabilities.

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