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The construction sector faces 3 major challenges: the need to reduce its carbon footprint, the need to gain competitiveness and the current labor shortage. Meeting these challenges implies a major transformation of the construction profession! To achieve this, Bouygues Construction and Bouygues Bâtiment France have launched a strong industrialization process based on a digital platform called the Digital Project Management Platform (PMNP). Its objective is to accelerate the industrialization of our projects while allowing them to evolve in a unique digital environment. A real revolution, to which the BBSE teams are actively contributing! Explanations.

Since November 2022, two BBSE sites have been actively participating in the Group's industrialization process: the GreenSide site within the Massues hospital center in Lyon (69) led by Alexandre Pontet and the site of the Communal Center for Social Action in Cannes ( 06) piloted by Jérôme Alberti. The two teams are each working on the development of a "brick", a piece of building to be industrialized to gain competitiveness: the "concrete floors" in Lyon and the "concrete sails" in Cannes.

From batch logic to all-trades brick logic

“To facilitate, make reliable and accelerate each of the stages of our projects, we want to move from a logic of batches to a logic of bricks for all trades. explains Dominique Gradel, Project Director within the SmartFabrik team. "Concretely, whereas today our projects are treated in layers (architect, structural, technical, etc.), the Group's ambition is to "cut" them into configurable elementary bricks (stairs, concrete walls, technical ducts, facades, etc.) ) that can be found on several buildings and to manage all the interfaces between trades within each brick. Once assembled, the different bricks will make it possible to create original buildings with a maximum of pre-configured elements... An approach that will allow us to focus our skills on value-added tasks with a 10% productivity gain target! »

To develop each of these bricks, a lot of work is underway within the SmartFabrik, PMNP and works teams. "The Habitat Neuf product line is the first to enter the process", explains Dominique Grardel, "Currently about twenty "bricks" are in development in this product line which will have 40 in total!" In concrete terms, each brick is developed by a pair made up of a Transformation Project Manager and a Works Project Manager. The objective is to take on board, based on work experience, all the company's know-how and to provide execution deliverables that can be used directly on the site.

The bricks developed by BBSE will soon be integrated into the PMNP

Once this work has been completed, each "brick" is integrated into the Digital Project Management Platform (PMNP), this high-performance digital platform developed in partnership with Dassault Systèmes which will bring together in a single digital environment all the data and actors of our projects. And it is precisely at this “coding” stage in the PMNP that the “concrete floors” and “concrete walls” bricks, developed since November 2022 by the teams from the GreenSide sites in Lyon and CCAS in Cannes, are currently found!

And the adventure has only just begun for these two BBSE shipyards, which are also willing to carry out other phases of the development process for industrialization bricks: as of this summer, they will be testing two other bricks integrated into the PMNP, the landing sheaths and facade sails/external joinery… To be continued!

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