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An accelerator for the transition of the commercial real estate market
The building sector has a major role to play in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions. In France, it accounted for 43% of energy consumption and 23% of CO2 emissions in 2020. Bouygues Construction is committed to an approach that aims to respond to the market by providing solutions to environmental issues. Our focus on making cities and regions more sustainable takes account of the need for a new approach that will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of office construction. More than a product, it is actually a debate that we are having with our customers, questioning the future of our buildings between now and 2040. 

«This approach, supported by a strong commitment, aims to transform the office construction by focusing on the essentials : designing a building with the lowest possible carbon footprint by striking the right balance between economical energy consumption, comfort, connectivity and scalability.»

Albin Dargery DMD, Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France, sponsor of the Tertiary Business Line

Breaking free from the limits of a specification to make radical changes and differentiate yourself in the market
This building concept pushes the limits and favours savings in materials through an in-depth analysis of the architecture of the building, incorporating a design that is as technologically lean as possible: the percentage of glazing, the structural use of wood, the circular economy and the use of biosourced materials, such as raw earth.

The Archisobre building concept
With a carbon footprint of 292 kg eq. CO2/sq.m., which is 40% below the threshold of RE2031 regulations, it divides the average carbon footprint of offices currently under construction by a factor of 3.

The approach is based on five essential criteria : design, materials, thermal comfort and energy, use and mobility, and reversibility and scalability. This work has resulted in a set of technical and usage solutions. During the whole iterative phase, the work was guided by the specialised environmental design and engineering consultancy, Franck Boutté Consultants, winner of the Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme 2022 in France. 

Several architectural interpretations illustrate Archisobre
Three renowned architects, Lucie Niney, Thomas Coldefy and Martin Duplantier, all of them recognised for their virtuous approach to sustainable development, have embraced the work carried out in our approach. They were given the specification of using all or part of the elements of our building concept to design projects below the RE2031 thresholdLe cahier des charges qui leur a été donné : utiliser tout ou partie des éléments de notre concept building pour concevoir des projets inférieurs au seuil de la RE2031. Ils ont œuvré à interpréter les solutions du concept building sur 3 sites et 3 differents climates. 

© NeM / Niney et Marca Architectes
© Martin Duplantier Architectes
© Coldefy

In Northern France with Duplantier Architects: The project puts the emphasis on raw earth. The east and west facades are composed of adobe walls, which are designed to generate strong inertia. Large south-facing terraces create quality outdoor spaces while offering just the right amount of radiant heat, controlled by sunshades. Finally, inside the building, Nubian vaults form the centre of the floors, providing warm spaces while regulating the humidity.

In the Paris region with NeM​​​​​​​ : This project focuses on the reuse of materials and local sourcing. On the basis of a deconstruction project in the Paris region, reusable elements were identified, and these structured the whole project. It was possible to give many reused materials a second life. Examples include the facade, 75% of which is made up of reused window frames that act as cladding and sunshades, and the walls made of recycled concrete that act as thermal regulators by releasing their heat or coolness

In South-eastern France with Coldefy​​​​​​​ : The project is based on the principle of a contemporary riad, i.e. a bioclimatic fertile patio. Thanks to the coolness available at the heart of the project and the installation of wind towers on the roof, cool air from the patio is supplied to the offices in order to cool them. Elegant, planted walkways on the east, west and south facades create spaces for well-being, while acting as sunbreakers.

Collective work by a multidisciplinary team
This innovative approach to the market highlights the technical know-how and pioneering spirit of our teams. Driven by the Bouygues Bâtiment France team, this building concept involved specialists from the Engineering Department, WeWood, Elan and Linkcity. Congratulations!

Annoa Parent, Adrien Sanchez, Guillaume Duplantier, Tiphaine Journo. Other team members : Guillaume Parlanti, Olivier Soulard, Lisa-Diane Henriot, Marc Lepeltier, Bertrand Palvadeau, Marion Dollfus, Gaël Neveu, Mickael Ferloni, Kamil Dusunceli, Thibaud Courtemanche, Nathalie Lupi. Emmanuelle Soufflet, Production Manager and Claire Lecocq, Tertiary Business Manager, also supported the project in its various steps

By freeing itself from the restrictions and major constraints associated with responding to a call for tenders, such as prices and locations, this approach could push the technical limits, aiming for the lowest carbon approach and the most realistic sustainable property possible.

Adrien Sanchez CSR manager and project director

This project illustrates the strong capacity of Bouygues Construction’s teams to innovate in order to offer customers practical low-carbon solutions that meet the challenges facing society. In September 2020, Bouygues Construction delivered the ABC building in Grenoble, a residential building concept designed to be as self-sufficient as possible. Designed by the Tertiary business line, the elements of this building concept are freely available to all the Group’s subsidiaries to help inspire all future office projects.

Press comments to date 
•“A tour de force, given that the sector already considers the 2025 threshold in the law to be difficult to achieve.” Les Echos – March 12, 2023 
•“This promising approach is also intended to be extended to the tertiary building refurbishment market.” Le Moniteur – March 9, 2023 
•“There is no doubt that innovation is at the heart of Bouygues Construction’s strategy.” Business Immo – March 9, 2023 

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