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Meet, get to know each other and share! These were the ambitions of the four Technical Departments of the Public Works Division, which joined forces to organise the Engineering Meetings.  

The event was designed to be multi-entity, to enable everyone to meet and exchange ideas across organisations and geographical locations. All the content produced for this event is the result of collaborative work between technicians from the organising entities.  

The event was designed to be hybrid and multilingual, to enable as many people as possible to participate. The plenary session in the morning and the 32 workshops in the afternoon were accessible to all, both on-site and remotely, in French and English. 

The event was designed to be multi-format to enable everyone to discover, learn and broaden their horizons, whether during the plenary session, on the stands that made up the forum, or during the workshops that punctuated the afternoon.    

This was a multicultural event, bringing together our employees from the central technical departments based in Challenger, in the French regions, those from the international offices, but also and above all many technicians from all our sites around the world.    


And it is an understatement to say that this event left its mark! The day was full of exchanges, meetings, discoveries and smiles!  

In video, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Engineering Meetings… 

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Contact : Mélanie Mazet
Technical coordinator (tendering and implementation phases)
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