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The Digital Commerce Global Event was held on 24 May and brought together over 300 people from all the entities within the Group from across 10 countries. This event was an opportunity to highlight the importance of data and digital technology in the Group's sales performance. Here's a look back at the highlights of this internal event.

The Commerce Global Event is crucial for demonstrating how digital technology is supporting sales professionals and developers on a daily basis to meet the ambitious Greenlight targets. The Greenlight strategy is based on the adoption of a 'key account' approach, which is aimed at better understanding the needs of customers and establishing long-term relationships based on trust in order to offer greater added value. To achieve this objective, the Group has implemented a number of initiatives, such as the segmentation and mapping of key accounts, the creation of account plans and the appointment of dedicated managers. These measures enable us to target customers more effectively and provide tailor-made solutions to meet their specific needs. Being able to capitalise on all our customer knowledge by using a single tool is essential to the company's commercial development and differentiation strategy.

What is Salesforce?
Salesforce is an essential tool for achieving the Group's goals in terms of digital transformation. By investing heavily in digital technology, the company is aiming to harness the power of data in order to improve its commercial efficiency. Most other industries have implemented this type of tool and digitalised their sales approach to improve performance.

Organised around three key themes - Development, Transformation and Differentiation - this event promoted the improvement of customer knowledge, the transformation of tools to deliver greater added value and the use of reliable data to make informed decisions.

The Development strand has focused on improving customer knowledge, promoting a cross-business approach and the joint development of key account management. Expertise-sharing sessions encouraged discussion and the exploration of new strategies in order to better understand customers' needs. Collaboration between entities within the Group has been encouraged in order to develop innovative approaches to the management of key accounts with the aim of creating synergies and offering a complete value proposition to customers while stimulating business growth.

The second strand, Transformation, emphasised the importance of relieving the burden on users by improving data quality and moving from a simple reporting tool to one which creates value. The automation of repetitive tasks and the maximum use of data were emphasised to free up time and allow teams to concentrate on high added-value activities.

Finally, the Differentiation strand highlighted the importance of using reliable data to understand the competitive environment and make informed decisions. Dedicated sessions presented best practice in data collection, analysis and interpretation. Participants learned about advanced tools for fully exploiting the potential of this data and for differentiating themselves in the market, particularly as regards business lines, another of Greenlight's key areas of focus. The aim was to anticipate trends, grasp new opportunities and make strategic decisions based on objective data.

In conclusion, the Digital Commerce Global Event demonstrated, through the words of the professions, the potential digital technology offers in terms of achieving the objectives of Greenlight. It demonstrated the importance of data and digital technology in a company's commercial performance as a means of strengthening its differentiation strategy and improving the management of key accounts.

To watch a replay of the event, click here.

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