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On the 3rd and 4th of July 2023 the new Executive Committee (ExCo) met outside of Challenger to accelerate the dynamics which Bouygues Travaux Publics is aiming to achieve within the context of the Greenlight project. They dedicated this time to working collectively on short- and medium-term issues. A range of subjects were discussed, and a number of decisions were taken.

The first part of the session was devoted to
Bouygues Travaux Publics' strategy, reviewed in the light of current market trends, in order to establish a shared clear understanding.
The management team wanted to embody the values of Simplicity, Team Spirit, Trust and Pioneering Spirit by starting to set an example: they created the Greenlight values appropriation game
"Experience Your Values".

Thanks to this collective work, which has enabled them to reflect on how they function as a team, concrete actions will be taken, such as:

  Limiting preparatory points before official decision-making meetings.
  Implementation of a concerted resource management approach for projects.
  Communicating more regularly with employees about the company's progress, while listening to what colleagues from across the business have to say.
●  Reaffirming that every employee has a duty to try and test new ideas which, even if they don't always succeed, will provide the company with opportunities to continuously learn and keep moving forward.

Our different ways of working were also discussed, and in this context, the search for greater simplicity in our approaches and the objective of a more collaborative way of working were confirmed. The future move of the Challenger teams to the Atrium was ratified, with the desire to rethink our ways of working and of delivering by favouring a collective approach in a high-quality environment more in tune with current aspirations.

This was followed by a 'Commercial' update, with a view to the ongoing renewal of our project portfolio. Our ability to better understand our customers' needs, always placing them at the centre of our attention and to listen to them more effectively is seen as a key development area. It has been decided that customer satisfaction surveys will be generalised to be carried out on all projects once a year. These surveys will be analysed by the Direction Committees and improvement action plans will be prepared and put in place. Lastly, an improved approach to the selection and qualification of commercial opportunities will be defined in order to increase our success rate.

Regarding matters relating to carbon, it has been acknowledged that we are not currently living up to the ambitions we have set ourselves. We need to accelerate our efforts in this area, and Plan 2024 will focus on our opportunity selection criteria and the implementation of operational measures that will instil the required dynamic within our teams. The systematic assessment of the carbon footprint for each of our commercial offerings has been validated. Finally, governance will be strengthened, with twice-yearly monitoring of the company's progress as compared to its planned trajectory towards the achievement of set targets.

Finally, we discussed
how to improve the performance of our projects. The ExCo decided to monitor the achievement of major project milestones and key production indicators on a monthly basis. The work of our professional business networks was also examined. After considering a presentation that benchmarked the implementation of such networks within other companies, the value of these networks was reaffirmed as a means of capitalising on knowledge, sharing best practice on projects and ultimately improving performance. Relevant governance structures will be modified to improve efficiency, with the involvement of ExCo members as sponsors and a better operation of each network entrusted to designated leaders from within the company.

To sum up, these were 2 intense days that enabled to analyse our stakes at hand and make initial decisions within a serene atmosphere marked out by the pleasure of exchanging, the wealth of ideas, the desire for growth and a shared ambition to deliver success for Bouygues Travaux Publics.

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