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47: that's the number of Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est worksites that had a safety stopover between mid-June and early July. The meetings were organized at the request of Pascal Minault, Chairman and CEO of Bouygues Construction, following too many serious accidents on the Bouygues Construction site. The aim of these meetings was to make us take a step back and raise our standards of compliance with the company's vital rules.

"Your safety is priceless, it is non-negotiable. [...] Holding a stopover is an opportunity for you to step back and observe your worksite in terms of the five major risks that are the main causes of serious accidents," said Pascal Minault in the introductory video to these discussion sessions.

47 stopping points organized on the BBSE territory

At BBSE, 47 stop points have been held over the last 3 weeks throughout our territory. On each site, all the supervisors and managers were gathered for a morning around a member of the BBSE Executive Committee or a Regional Management Committee and a preventionist.

The program included:  
1. A message from the Management and a focus on serious accidents that have occurred in the Group and at BBSE around the 5 major risks:
> Fall from height
> Lifting 
> Collision with machinery
> Stability of temporary structures
> Electrical risks

Two other subjects were also discussed on this occasion:
> The fight against addictions
> Managing unforeseen events.

2. A site visit
3. A debriefing of the site team

A minute's silence was also observed during the morning to pay tribute to the five victims of fatal accidents that have occurred in the Group since the end of 2021.

"Living safety with your gut and your heart

The objective of these stopovers was threefold:

1. To take a step back and get an objective view of the major risks on the site
2. To take the right decisions to deal with them in the long term, including with subcontractors
3. Do not remain inactive in front of risky situations or unsafe behaviors to which we sometimes get used to, or that we no longer see on a daily basis, and that become acceptable when they are not.

Safety must be experienced viscerally, with your gut, with your heart. These are not procedures to constrain you, they are rules to respect with a very high level of requirement to protect yourself and others, because human lives are at stake.

Bruno Botella Chairman of Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est

A commitment plan on each site  

At the end of each stoppage point, a commitment plan was formalized by the site team with a preventionist, in order to correct situations related to major risks in the long term. This plan will be monitored throughout 2022, with the aim of reinforcing our level of vigilance in line with company standards. 

Terralumia building sites in Champagne au Mont d'Or (69), Cité Scolaire Internationale de Marseille (13) and Grand Ida in Monaco

Chantiers Les Fabriques in Marseille (13), EHPAD in Volvic (63) and Grand Angle in Seynod (74)

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