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This first edition of the Safety Academy included nine participants, all with different backgrounds and drawn from different parts of the business. This training programme was devised and designed by the Bouygues Construction University teams in partnership with health and safety representatives from all entities within Bouygues Construction. Safety Academy was created to provide staff within the health and safety teams with a rich and interactive training course, facilitated by Cegos/Safety Lean and based around the main health and safety concepts and tools currently being used by Bouygues Construction’s health and safety teams.
The training course focuses on how to apply what they learn, giving participants the chance to progress within their roles as health and safety advisers within the group.

The first French-speaking class of the Safety Academy

Over a period of four months, using hybrid modules including virtual classes, remote, in-person and e-learning formats, staff can consolidate their learning and gain new skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their roles. Role-playing exercises, learning assessment quizzes and homework exercises ensured that participants were continuously assessed throughout the training.

The various exercises and role-play sessions were extremely beneficial for me. They gave me an insight into new ways of working so I can be more precise in my analysis work.

Hind BADLAOUI Head of Health and Safety at BYMARO

The teaching methods, confidence-building approach and positive encouragement of the health and safety staff all contributed to Safety Academy’s great success.

Fabien HALO Health and Safety Officer at Bouygues Energies & Services

The course was an initiative by Bouygues Construction health and safety directors and proved to be a unifying activity, as participants arranged regular get-togethers amongst themselves after the course was over. “Apart from learning new skills, the training also contributes to developing the health and safety network within Bouygues Construction.” Stéphane Poli, Health and Safety Director.

More information on Safety Academy training
Safety Academy will be launching two separate editions soon: one in French and one in English!
For the french session: launch on 20-21-22 September, closing on 11-12 January 2023.
For the English session: launch on 16-17-18 November, closing on 8-9 March 2023.

If you’d like to sign up, get in touch with your manager or HR representative.
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