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With this new contract, which is an extension of a partnership that has been in place for 6 years, Bouygues Construction is committed, alongside WWF France, to more sustainable urban projects, accelerating the resilience of regions and developing low-carbon construction. WWF France is thus strengthening its technical cooperation with the group’s main business lines, in France and worldwide.

A partnership that is part of our Climate strategy    
Our sectors (construction and regional planning) face major environmental challenges, and contribute to the degradation of ecosystems, including greenhouse gas emissions, soil artificialisation, urban sprawl, urban growth and transportation infrastructure, which can disrupt local biodiversity. Furthermore, other impacts on biodiversity are due to the sourcing of raw materials and natural resources needed to carry out our projects. That is why we are collaborating with WWF France: for the emergence of sustainable living areas, respectful of the planet’s limitations, which will be resilient in the face of climate disruption and which must participate in the regeneration of ecosystems. The signing of this new partnership is part of our climate strategy, which aims to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 and offer our customers a wide range of low-carbon solutions. 

The support of WWF France in the area of responsible wood supply will allow the Group to meet our strategic challenge to ensure that 30% of our building projects are in wood by 2030 in Europe, and will contribute to the sustainable management of forests. 


Since 2015, the cooperation provided by WWF France to the Bouygues Construction teams has enabled the group to take part in a continuous improvement process to reduce its environmental footprint and source responsible wood.
In particular, WWF France supported the group with sustainable neighbourhood development:

•    Support from WWF France on several eco-neighbourhood projects: O’Mathurin (Bagneux), The Noés eco-village (Val-de-Reuil), La Scène Digitale (Thiais-Pont de Rungis), and l’Îlot fertile Eole Evangile which is the first zero-carbon eco-district of Paris.
•    Reinforcing a common vision and supporting sustainable urban development in France through the Bouygues Construction’s participation in WWF’s work on sustainable cities.
•    The deployment of WWF France’s sustainability principles by raising employee awareness and creating a dedicated tool for teams in charge of urban projects, so that a maximum number of completed neighbourhood projects tend towards exemplary environmental performance and quality of use.

WWF France has also supported the identification and management of risks relating to wood supplies, in order to improve accountability, notably through increased purchase of certified wood.

•    An inventory of the timber used on a sample of construction sites carried out at the end of 2018, which was also used to develop Bouygues Construction’s internal timber policy.
•    The identification of a pilot project to illustrate these commitments and to benefit from feedback on a real-life case.
•    Awareness-raising actions with Bouygues Construction’s internal and external stakeholders.

We thank WWF France for the quality of its contribution during these years of cooperation, on our sustainable neighbourhood projects across France, the first risk analysis carried out to enable a better management of the Group’s sustainable wood supplies, and training courses with our operational workers. We are pleased to extend this partnership internationally and to count on the support of WWF France in the research and deployment of solutions addressing environmental and climate challenges, in favour of the ecological transition of cities and regions.

Philippe Bonnave CEO of Bouygues Construction
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Contact : Virginie ALONZI
Foresight Director - DPMS - Bouygues Construction SA
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