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The pioneering project is currently in the study phase prior to a pilot phase in the Yopougon University Hospital site, managed by SETAO, where asbestos waste will be recycled. Kôrylé also aims to valorize rubble.

Who are the stakeholders in Kôrylé ? 
Kôrylé is a joint project bringing together Bouygues Bâtiment International and three start-ups: Valame, which has developed an innovative solution for the treatment and recycling of asbestos waste; Neo-Eco, an engineering and consultancy firm specialising in the circular economy; and Backacia, an expert in the reuse of construction sector waste. There is also local support, in particular from the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development and the French Embassy in Ivory Coast.

What is the objective of Kôrylé ?
The aim is to create a circular economy loop for high-quality waste recycling, via a few main steps. First of all, the recovery of waste, then cleaning, milling, treatment and, finally, the production of a new construction material. The treated and recycled materials will then be able to be reused as road sub-base and surfacing. It will also be possible to use them as raw materials - such as sand or aggregates - for making concrete.

Today, construction waste represents 30% of global waste generated every year. With Kôrylé, Bouygues Bâtiment International is taking a first step towards changing these statistics by adopting new eco-construction practices. More generally, this pilot project fits squarely with the company's low-carbon objectives, since it will avoid the need to transport asbestos-containing waste (from Ivory Coast to France by cargo ship) and will limit the carbon cost of extracting raw materials. Kôrylé is a circular economy project that could be proposed to BBI's subsidiaries to achieve the low-carbon target set for 2030.

Want to know more? Contact the Bouygues Bâtiment International R&D team.

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