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In Saint-André-lez-Lille, on the banks of the Deûle, the Quai 22 urban development project is in full swing. This new district, connected to water and nature, will house a building complex combining services and leisure activities, 700 housing units and 10,000 m² of office space, 7,600 m² of which will be built of wood.

Ideally situated opposite the Pont de l’Abbaye bridge, Panorama will be a signal building, a gateway to the district. Together with architects from the GBL Architectes and Kardham agencies, the Linkcity Nord-Est teams have imagined this project as a living space, a place expressing the changes in and expectations of society.


The building, which combines innovation and architectural quality, stands out for its sustainability and bioclimatic design. The office structures will be made of 100% wood (CLT floors, TFW facades, ribbed CLT roofing and load-bearing walls, timber frame), thus reducing the building’s carbon footprint (540 tonnes of CO2 avoided).
Specific work has also been carried out on optimising natural light in the building, with the omnipresence of glass surfaces, offering beautiful panoramic views over the Deûle and the town. Modular office space and generous outdoor areas will further increase the comfort and well-being of future users.
Dalkia’s future regional headquarters, Panorama, covers 7,600 m² and includes:

- 6,000 m² of office space
- 1 company restaurant
- Tiered terraces on each floor
- 2,000 m² of planted slabs on the second floor
- 1 gym with changing rooms and showers
- 1 storage room
- 1 bicycle room
- 2 parking levels with 248 spaces

Dalkia’s 350 employees will move into a pleasant, green, open environment in perfect harmony with its surroundings.
The building complex aims to achieve the BBCA label and BREEAM Very Good certification and its environmental performance should reach an RT 2012 (thermal standard) level of 20%. It will be accessible to Dalkia and its employees from June 2023.


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