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During the launch of our Sustainability Week, we reflected on a challenging but productive 2021, and celebrated some of the key sustainability highlights of the year.

If you would like to catch up on any of our daily events, you can watch the replays below.

On Monday, we kickstarted the launch event of the week. Fabienne Viala opened Sustainability Week with a reflection on the highlights and challenges of 2021 and looked forward to what we can expect in the remainder of 2022. 

On Tuesday, we looked at the importance of reducing water consumption and pollution, and some practical measures we can take. 

On Wednesday, we provided an insight into current drivers in the UK around biodiversity enhancement. Our partners, BeeOdiversity joined the session to present their revolutionary nature based-solution that uses bees!

On Thursday, we looked at understanding the size of BYCN UK entities' carbon footprint in 2021. Given that the construction industry is responsible for a significant percentage of global carbon emissions, it's imperative we understand the steps in our own journey to reducing our carbon footprint.

Friday's session was dedicated to the Circular Economy, with a focus on reusing, repurposing and recycling existing materials.

As Fabienne said in her wrap-up of the week, Sustainability isn't just for one week! Let's make sure everything we took from the week is embedded into our culture going forward.

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