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A look back at our 2021 sustainability achievements: 

Welcome to the first Sustainability Newsletter of 2022. 2021 was an exciting year for sustainability in our business. We launched 'Together Further', Bouygues Energies & Services Division strategy, and Climate forms one of the scheme's four strategic priorities. The Together Further for Climate action plan is split into five key areas of focus - Support our Clients transition to Net Zero, Continue to raise awareness & develop our staff, Decarbonisation of our fleet, Continue to develop & implement carbon reduction plans, Work in partnership with our Supply Chain – and you can read more about our 2021 achievements in these areas in this newsletter. On top of this superb progress, we developed our Carbon Reduction Plan, in line with Government requirements, and achieved an impressive 22% carbon reduction across Scope’s 1, 2 & 3 compared to our 2019 baseline.The work does not stop here though! To go further in 2022, I am delighted to announce the integration of the Procurement and Environmental departments. This move will allow us to focus our efforts on eliminating carbon across all three Scopes, so we can achieve even more in the months to come.

Amelle Mestari Director of Procurement & Sustainable Development

Decarbonisation of our fleet

- Updated the Company Car Policy to favour EVs and hybrid 
- Developed a Sustainable Travel Policy 
- Ordered 29 EV commercial vehicles 
- 7 eCargo bikes purchased 
- 64 EV charging points installed 

Continue to develop & implement carbon reduction plans

- Smart impuls meters installed on a few offices such as Mallow Park 
- Low carbon solutions (Gaia / ByPulse) in use at our project compounds 
- Switched to 100% renewable electricity at Becket House 
- Conducted Energy Audits for 100% of FM management offices 

Work in partnership with our Supply Chain

- Integrated Procurement & Sustainability Depts 
- Quantified our Scope 3 emissions 
- Reduction of 31% of Scope 3 emissions 
- Launch of Supplier Engagement Programme in collaboration with the Supply Chain Sustainability School 

Support our Clients transition to Net Zero

- Carbon Reduction Plans for 100% of FM clients 
- Launched Client Carbon Dashboard 

Training & raising awareness 

- Launch of 2 Climate e-learning modules on BYLe@rn 
- Launch of employee Sustainability Panel 
- Climate Change & Carbon Workshops delivered to over 600 students 

A word from the Green Network: 

We spoke to the employee-led Green Network who shared their Top Three Tips for how we can be more sustainable at work. 

1. Think about your lunch! Try making your own food and drink and bringing it to work in reusable containers (bonus points if you use locally sourced and in-season ingredients). The plastic from meal deals can really add up - as can the toll on your budget! If you manage a site, check if reusable cutlery and crockery are available for your team.

2. Transport. Did you know that cars account for just over 18% of UK emissions and transport emissions as a whole account for a third of the UK total?We can all play a part in reducing emissions and improving air quality by walking, cycling, or using public transport instead of driving, and by taking the train instead of flying.

3. Talk about it. Talking is one of the most impactful actions you can take for the climate. It helps you know that you are not alone in worrying about the climate crisis, brings it to the attention of our decision-makers, and pushes for action as soon as possible.

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