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The CO2-LSC project (COncevoir et COnstruire des ouvrages de génie civil avec des Liants Sans Clinker, for Designing and Constructing civil engineering products using clinker-free cements), launched by teams working on batch T3A of line 15 South of the Grand Paris Express, is a winner of the Le Grand Paris de l'Environnement call for projects. The list of awarded projects includes innovations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the construction phase, particularly through the use of new materials.

The objective of the project is to control its environmental impact; it involves the development and use of an ultra-low-carbon concrete, deployed on the T3A batch site with the support of Materials Engineering Department (PIM) teams. The innovation will be used to build an emergency exit at the future Issy-les-Moulineaux station.

Teams will be able to test a non-standardised, clinker-free, ultra-low carbon concrete on a variety of elements (foundations, walls, floors), carry out new trials and implement surveying of the structure. The advantage of this initiative is that the concrete can be tested before rolling it out on a larger scale. This is the first time that the Société du Grand Paris has used ultra-low carbon concrete in a final structure.

Well done to all who contributed to this collective success! A great innovation, a great award!

What's clinker?
Clinker is a component of cement obtained by calcining a mixture of silicic acid, alumina, iron oxide and lime. It is ground and supplemented with blast furnace slag, for example, and is then used to make cement, itself a component of concrete.
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