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VSL Systems UK and Gravitricity will complete the design of the purpose-built underground lined rock shafts which could be rolled out nationwide. They plan to build a scale demonstrator in the next 24 months ahead of commercial rollout.

Gravitricity believes their storage technology – known as FlexiStore – is a ‘goldilocks’ solution to the future challenge of green hydrogen storage – offering a system that is larger and more secure than above ground hydrogen storage, and more flexible than subterranean salt caverns, the two most commonly-proposed alternatives.

Each rock shaft would be six metres in diameter and 365 metres deep and lined with steel. A single store would hold up to 100 tonnes of green hydrogen – sufficient to refuel more than 1000 HGVS, or to power 500 buses for a week. 

The UK could see the construction of hundreds of new purpose-built underground hydrogen stores to help fuel the green economy of the future. Gravitricity calculates that construction of just 1000 FlexiStores would meet a quarter of the UK Government’s predicted 2050 hydrogen storage needs.

Peter Hughes, Managing Director of VSL UK says: “VSL is delighted to partner with Gravitricity to develop and deliver these pioneering ground engineering solutions for renewable energy generation and storage. This project is fully aligned with the VSL vision to focus our engineering capabilities and solutions on the global transition to a low carbon future.”

Read the full Press Release below. VSL is also honoured to be featured in The Times newspaper together with its client Gravitricity: read The Times Newspaper’s edition of January 4th (page 34)!

Download the attachment in pdf.
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Contact : Philip Norville
Senior Business Development Manager – Ground Engineering
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