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The project obtained a very good score! With a certified score of 83 points, the project’s ‘Leading’ rating is the highest the ISC can award. The Project were able to secure verification for a number of its innovative developments, namely a “World First” recognition for its award-winning high-performance shotcrete, which resulted in:

- A reduction of more than 33,000 (t CO2-e) of embodied carbon. This in turn has reduced the amount of shotcrete used on the project by 27,000m3 (15%) and reinforced steel fibres by 830 tonnes (10%).
- The removal of 9,000 heavy vehicle movements off Sydney local and main roads.
- Demonstrated cost savings of $11,000,000 to the project by minimising materials through the application of innovative high-performance shotcrete.
- A permanent shift in the supply chain for how future tunnel projects will be designed and constructed. 


The Project proudly promoted local aboriginal heritage values by installing indigenous art at the Campbell Road Ventilation Facility – St Peters. We chose to interweave the urban design of our Campbell Road Ventilation Facility at St Peters with the art and storytelling of the Bidjigal people to connect their past stories with present and future generations. 

The highly visible façade, some 9m high and wrapping the full perimeter of the building, sits prominently at the gateway to Sydney and was seen as an unprecedented opportunity to provide a “Welcome to Country” for international and local visitors. This artwork has been a process of creative development and mutual education providing a rich learning opportunity between artists and designers to connect the past with the present and with the future.


The Project also successfully implemented:
- Senior Leadership Team Cultural Emersion Training
- Developing a robust procurement system that identified local Aboriginal suppliers
- An indigenous employment program with dedicated support staff

This deep-rooted commitment to Aboriginal engagement and participation throughout the project in the planning, design, and delivery phases culminated in more than $65 million spend with aboriginal businesses and personnel, almost double the 1.5% project target.

The Project were able to achieve significant reductions in energy emissions and well as water and resource usage, including:
- A 47% reduction in emissions through effective implementation of its Tunnel Production Line, GreenPower and carbon offsetting
- A 32% total reduction in water usage through construction and 50-year operational life 
-  60% replacement of potable water through efficient design and responsible construction practices

Congratulations to the entire Project Team for this incredible achievement – we are proud to have been part of such an industry changing project. 

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