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A truly transformed maternity ward

This operation is one part of a majorly ambitious project to renovate the Bel Air hospital, with the aim being to bolster the available healthcare services in the most heavily populated area of Lorraine, modernise methods of care, and acquire state-of-the-art medical equipment.

The €27.7 million project combines demolition, new construction, and renovation. The former gynaecology building was demolished and replaced by a more modern building that incorporates the old paediatrics tower, which has been entirely renovated. It has sober façades that alternate between mineral paints and opaque and transparent glazing, which all work to provide a sense of depth to the structure. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, enamelled glass is environmentally friendly, durable, and safe.



Located at the very centre of the hospital grounds, the new women’s and neonatal care unit accommodates several departments on its 11,200m2 surface area:
- in the 2-level basement: logistics services, feeding bottle facilities, control rooms, and changing rooms
- on the ground floor: reception, consultation rooms, and the day hospital
- on the first floor: the neonatology unit, the accident and emergency department, delivery rooms, and operating theatres
- on the second floor: obstetric hospitalisations and control rooms
- on the third floor: gynaecological and paediatric hospitalisations
A helipad has been constructed at the top of the tower, which will serve the entire regional hospital.


This new establishment allows for a broad range of patients to be received, therefore providing comprehensive gynaecology, perinatal, and paediatrics care—a major focus on the well-being of mother and child.

A more attractive and comfortable environment

Due to the poor quality of its accommodation, the old maternity ward, which was built in 1967, had become obsolete and mothers preferred to go to other establishments in Metz or Luxembourg. With the creation of this new unit, the level of comfort expected by patients has greatly increased.

The obstetric rooms are private, and each has its own bathroom with a space reserved for cleaning babies. Particular attention was paid to the materials used, with the addition of laminated wood panels. The ambiance in the rooms is cosy, allowing new mothers to feel at home.



Modern medical equipment is also included in this renovation project, with:
- the installation of two birthing baths
- the installation of operating lighting and columns for hanging equipment

The comprehensive technical platform allows for the diagnosis and management of various pathologies, whether in the delivery room or during the child’s very first days of life.

The new unit in figures
- 2,500 deliveries per year
- 99 beds
- the only level 2B maternity ward in Lorraine Nord
- 41 hospital practitioners
- 150 paramedics
- 57 midwives
The operation’s schedule
Spring 2017: demolition of the former building
08/08/2017: Work Order works 
28/06/2019: Receipt of phase 1 (neonatology unit and feeding bottle facilities)
10/12/2020: Receipt of phase 2 (other departments)

Operation stakeholders
Project management: CHR Metz-Thionville
Operation leader: La Soderec
Design-Build Consortium:
● Company: BBNE
● Architect: Agence Valentine Rieder
● Engineering consultancy: Artelia

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