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Two new projects for Linkcity in Czech Republic
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The project has a twofold objective of:

  • Building and operating 179,000 connections within four years, on top of the fibre-optic connections already live in the Département.
  • Before 2027, taking over all of the infrastructure that has been already rolled out (approximately 290,000 connections in total) and overseeing technical and commercial operations over them until 2050.
This work will be completed solely using funding from FIBRE44 owners (Axione, Vauban and Banque des Territoires), and from banking partners (Caisse d’Epargne Bretagne Pays de Loire, Natixis, Société Générale and the CIC), in the form of long-term loans.
At the end of 30-year public service delegation, the Département will own the entire network.

Fibre optic will enable everyone to identify how they use the internet and to choose suitable services in order to coordinate and enhance their daily lives and their professional work, such as for healthcare, culture, education, discussions and sharing. Unfortunately, the health crisis has thrown the spotlight on the digital divide experienced by some residents. In order to provide equal access to superfast broadband in both city centres and rural areas for craftspeople, freelancers, business owners, labourers, farmers, private individuals, pensioners and more, the Département is committed to rolling out the fibre-optic network in Loire-Atlantique, with the objective of it covering the entire region by 2025. The start of the works undertaken by FIBRE44 is therefore another important step in this major project launched by the Département.

Philippe Grosvalet President of de Loire-Atlantique Departement

Axione is driven by a firm belief that the professional work of digital developers does not end with the roll-out of the network infrastructure. There is also a need to be a rich source of ideas, make innovation a priority and get involved in the creation of a genuine local development dynamic. In order to do this, we hope to help to improve Loire-Atlantique’s appeal by building a network that will establish the required foundations for developing local innovative solutions.

Eric Jammaron Deputy CEO at Axione

Through the project to roll out fibre optic across the Loire-Atlantique region, we’re helping to stimulate hiring, training and skills development

Jean-François Sourisseau FIBRE 44 chairman

Digital technology has become an essential piece of infrastructure for regions. Vauban is specifically working to direct long-term resources so that they are invested in pieces of infrastructure that will act as vehicles for long-term development in regions. The start of the initial works for this second phase in the Département of Loire-Atlantique is a key step in transforming Vauban’s commitments to the region into tangible infrastructure that will benefit everyone.

Gwenola Chambon Vauban Infrastructure Partners Chief Executive
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