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Fibre is arriving in the Sarthe department
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This 100,000 socket milestone shows our collective ability to roll out fibre optic sockets whilst upholding the commitments of the Syndicats Mixtes and their delegatee, Berry Fibre Optique, to bring very high-speed network coverage to all of Berry by 2025, strengthening the municipality’s attractiveness as a result.

Since 2016, these Syndicats Mixtes have been committed to providing 100% very high-speed internet coverage outside of the AMII zone 1 to more than 240,000 households and businesses in accordance with departmental digital development plans, thanks to a public initiative network helping to bring fibre optic technology straight to subscription holders.
The 400 million euro investment program is financed by Europe, the State, the Region, the Departments, and local council and agglomeration communities alongside the network manager, Berry Fibre Optique, as part of its public service delegation contract.
To date, this has seen the rollout of over 6,600 km of fibre optic cable over 140 municipalities, comprising 100,000 homes and businesses eligible for offers from internet service providers (ISP) who are already on the network. There are currently 11 providers with offers available to the general public, and over 150 other providers with offers tailored to companies.

“With over 100,000 eligible households, Berry Numérique is upholding its commitment to reducing inequality of access to digital technology in order for everyone living in rural municipalities to enjoy the same new services as they could if they lived in cities”,

Pascal BOURDILLON director of Berry Numérique

Digital technology is a real game changer for entire municipalities and the people who live there. This figurative milestone of 100,000 fibre optic socket installations also shows how even in rural areas, a municipality’s size challenges can be overcome by involving communities and public-private partnerships

Christophe COURTEMANCHE Director of RIP36

The network’s very high speed is a major asset for Berry. This public-private partnership is bringing fibre optic internet as close to individuals, businesses and public services as possible. The services available can satisfy the whole family (multiple screens, ultra fast download speeds, online gaming, etc.), assist people at home who have reduced autonomy (home security, health monitoring...) and allow for home-based remote working. Fibre optic technology offers businesses comprehensive access to paperless technologies (video conferencing, cloud-based services, flexibility, etc.) and makes it very easy for employees to work remotely

Laurent Roussat Directeur de Berry Fibre Optique
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Contact : Laurent Roussat
Director of the Berry Fibre Optic concession
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