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The project's aim was to renovate 160 housing units on an occupied site, and construct 13 social housing units and 5 business premises, including a Caisse d’Allocation Familiale office and a healthcare centre, which were delivered fully kitted out.
The project started in December 2018 with the construction of a new transformer station for the entire neighbourhood.
As for the renovation, the specific features of this project lay in the installation of metal balconies with external rockwool insulation, the installation of hand-moulded panels up to a height of 21 metres, then Veta brick panels on the last three storeys, and metal sliding folding shutters.
In the housing units, electrical installations were entirely overhauled, and the joinery, bathrooms, water and waste water downpipes, and landing doors were all replaced. An extract-only humidity-controlled CMV was installed. In common areas, paintwork was given a facelift thanks to the removal of the stippled render, and disabled accessibility was brought up to standard
Halls were refurbished and restructured.
In addition, works included the creation of bicycle and household waste storage rooms, a CPCU substation, and the installation of a 200m2 solar hot water production system on the roof. Lastly, waste ducts in the storerooms were stripped of asbestos and removed from the outside by means of a full-height access frame mounted on each storeroom.
This renovation received the BBC Effinergie Rénovation label.
As for the new build, 13 units were built over 8 storeys. The selected construction method used prefabricated walls and varibloc. Floors were poured in place. The façades are solid brick and the external joinery is solid oak.

The business premises were built using a combined concrete/wood structure in collaboration with the WeWood teams. This project will receive RT2012 and Effinergie+ certification.

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