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Renovation work at the heart of an ambitious environmental approach

The aim of the work is to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (in compliance with the tertiary decree, with an energy saving of 40% compared to initial consumption) and to improve the comfort of the residents.

The work consists of :
- replacing the building envelope (changing the external joinery and installing a multifunctional mesh)
- installing a double-flow ventilation system, which will be connected to the urban heating network that will also supply the Flaubert building (future BY BAT GO offices).

The work concerns the north-west and south-east wings of the Police Station (buildings AB and C) as well as the bridge building that joins them. In addition to these operations, the entrance lock will be replaced and extended in order to meet the new security and reception requirements. The complex work will make it possible to meet specific technical characteristics in terms of security: secure access (gates, baggage tunnel, etc.), bullet-proof protection (curtain walls, bullet-proof glazing, etc.).


Located in the heart of a mixed urban area dominated by collective housing

The building blends into the landscape thanks to a simple choice of external joinery: a curtain wall with a light-coloured metal skin, made up of perforated lacquered aluminium panels. Their white colour gives the Police Station a softer and brighter character. It offers the opportunity to renew the image of this large facility thanks to an elegant modernist silhouette that meets the expectations of energy savings, comfort, safety and contemporary aesthetics.

Project schedule

The design phase began at the beginning of the year, following the receipt of the Engineering Service Order on 30 December last. It should end in October 2022 with the installation of the temporary offices of the services to ensure continuity of operation. The construction work will be carried out in several stages, with the Rouen Police Station to be delivered at the end of 2023.

BY BAT GO and its consortium
Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest : leader of the design-build-operate-maintain consortium
Ameller Dubois : Architect (design)
CBA : Architect (implementation)
Prisme Ingénierie : Construction economics, fluids / VRD
AJI (André Jacq Ingénierie) : Asbestos removal
KUBE Structure : Structure
ACOUSTIBEL : Acoustic                           
ACUITE Durable : Thermal and HQE
AFL Conseil : Safety
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