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Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est teams are carrying out renovation and extension work on the Couvent des Minimes in Mane (04), a top-of-the-range 5* hotel and spa owned by the L'Occitane group. The challenge is great: to transform a magnificent historic building, which has undergone numerous renovations over the years, into a luxurious hotel complex offering more spacious rooms, better exposure and a view of the surrounding countryside.

Built in the 17th century, the convent of Mane (04) is an ancient religious building that hosted many congregations until 1999. In 2008, this remarkable site was transformed into a hotel, now owned by the L'Occitane group, which wanted to carry out a major renovation.

A complex project on a remarkable site 

BBSE has been chosen with DE PLANTA Architect to renovate this building within the framework of a contract in conception realization. This complex project includes :

- The reinforcement of the foundations of the old vaults of the building
- The realization of more than 80 openings, as well as 2 elevators in under-work,
- The construction of an outdoor swimming pool and a spa 7800 m² SDP completely integrated in the restanques,  
- The installation of exterior woodwork,
- The cleaning of the historical façade of the convent dating from the 17th century
- As well as the implementation of numerous luxury services in the finishing work.

In order to meet the extremely tight deadline of 16 months for the construction of the building, this project is characterized by a design phase that runs in the same time frame as the construction phase. This particularity requires a meticulous organization and the implementation of specific optimization solutions. Among them, the use of off-site manufacturing with, in particular, for the structural work, the implementation by our teams of 100% prefabricated walls in the convent and spa area.

Did you know that?
*During an archaeological survey, during the cleaning phase, two frescoes dating from the 17th century, hidden behind layers of plaster, were discovered on the first floor of the large cloister area. They will be restored and valorized within the project.

*After the cleaning phase, a 3D survey was carried out to create virtual visits of the site and to carry out specific measurements. This atypical approach has considerably facilitated the development of the design phase and serves as a contractual inventory of fixtures after cleaning. Similar operations will be carried out during the construction phase and upon delivery.

The choice of bio-sourced, local and high quality materials

The project aims to obtain the BDM label, Bâtiments Durables Méditerranéens (bronze for the convent area and silver for the spa area). To achieve these levels, several steps have been taken:

- Use of bio-sourced materials for the insulation of the building (BIOFIB TRIO in the façade)
- Energy production by geotechnical drilling. The convent and the spa will be supplied by a geothermal power plant that requires the creation of about 30 boreholes with a depth of 150 m.
- Use of quality French materials:

      - Burgundy stone
      - Terracotta tiles from Raujolles
      - Solid stone basins cut from the mass

For the moment, the site team is mobilized on the structural work of phase 1 (the convent part) which will be completed in May, to devote itself during the summer to the finishing work. The structural work on the new part (spa) should begin in the wake of phase 1, in May. Delivery is scheduled for the end of March 2023.

Congratulations to all the teams for their daily commitment to our client to achieve this prestigious project!

The site in a few figures
* Design and build contract: 39.2 M€ (of which 16.3 M€ already processed)
* Completion time: 16 months of construction work
* Structural work phase 1 (Convent): 12,000 hours / 700 m3 of concrete / 1,200 m² of precast concrete
* Structural work phase 2 (Spa): 7800 m² floor / 3400 m3 of concrete
* BBSE workforce at peak GO phase :
                  20 companions with 1 crane on the convent area
                  35 companions with 2 cranes on the spa area
* Workforce TCE in peak : 90-100 people.
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