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The project is mixed-use, consisting of 5 levels of podium dedicated to a shopping Center and three office towers of 127, 123 and 102 meters for a total usable area of 105,000m². The complex will also offer a fourth tower dedicated to a 609 hotel units .The two first office towers have already been delivered, the podium will be handed over by the end of this year while the hotel and the 3rd office tower will complete the project by July 2023

What are the main challenges of the project? Managing concurrently 4 different clients and absorbing the pandemic effects for both program and scope of works. Since day one, the teams have been attentive to the demands of their clients to maintain a high level of quality. The other daily challenge of the project is to guarantee the safety of its workers on a site covering 381,400m² with no less than 9 tower cranesPrefabricated elements, such as facades panels, slabs, beams, and stairs were also deployed to support Safety and program.

The teams have been attentive to the demands of their clients to maintain a high level of quality.

Located in the heart of the bustling Ayala shopping district, OAA project will also include a 5-storey car park of 20,000m² each and a self-contained transport system that will accommodate buses and jeepneys, the local means of transport. In addition, elevated walkways will facilitate pedestrian traffic. One Ayala Avenue is the second project awarded to MDBI, subsidiary of MDC and Bouygues Bâtiment International, after the iconic ATG Diamond. Its third project, Park Central Towers, 72 and 59 storey towers, is 62% complete, for delivery scheduled by the third quarter of 2023. 

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