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The project is now 30% complete and construction of the current floors is now underway. Located in the heart of Vedado in the historic district of Havana, the 152m high, 42-storey tower will be the tallest in the country. It will house a 594-room hotel, a swimming pool on the 32nd floor and an 8-metre cantilevered terrace 100 metres high that will offer a panoramic view of the capital.

The biggest challenges of the project? Building the tower at a rate of 6 days per floor! To achieve this, the work has been organised in 2 rotations (day/night) with the night team working at the same pace as the day team and with the workforce split 50/50 between the two rotations. In addition to this human challenge, there is also a technical challenge. The particular shape of the tower led to it being built around two cores, the construction of which will have to be synchronised

The design itself of the tower required technical expertise due to the frequency of cyclones of up to 250km/h, but also to the poor quality of the soil on the plot: the invert is 3m high, anchored on 10 to 15m high piles. It was also necessary to study the stresses on the structure caused by wind pressure points: the materials were chosen for their elastic properties. At the top, the tower will be able to move by 30cm due to wind pressure.

The 8-meter cantilevered terrace located at 100 meters high will offer a panoramic view of the capital, facing the famous Habana Libre and the mythical Rampa.

From its height of 152m, the hotel will redefine the city's skyline with its contemporary architecture and will complement the district's mythical avenue, the Rampa. It will stand out even more from its historical surroundings by facing the famous Habana Libre. After the delivery of the Grand Aston (P1D project) and the renovation of the Telégrafo, K23 once again confirms the hotel expertise of Bouygues Bâtiment International Cuba in the service of a strategic project for the economy: opening the country's doors to international tourists.

Click on the video below to see the progress of K23 in pictures!

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