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Extension of the critical care services
The project concerns the extension of the critical care services which are integrated into the main building of the CHU, recognizable by its circular shape. Initially, it was imagined that the service would be positioned in place of the emergency parking lot, on stilts. However, in order to fit in with the logistical and functional system already in place in the existing building and to minimize the loss of reference points for the staff, the Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest teams proposed raising the height of the main building, which would also allow better architectural integration.

The extension of the critical care services includes the creation of a 16-bed medical intensive care unit, an 8-bed continuous care unit, a personal service area and technical premises.  

The work on the project carried out by the design and build consortium* will be carried out on an operational site. The teams chose a light construction with a wooden facade and prefabricated elements to limit noise pollution, among other things. The installation time and noise pollution will therefore be minimized. A metal frame with a waterproof roof will complete the ensemble. Finally, an additional elevator is integrated into the project for the turtles (delivery robots) and will solve the supply problems in the area. Two patient elevators are also included.


Extension of the radiotherapy department

The project also includes the extension of the radiotherapy department of the CHU, which doubles the number of bunkers* from two to four to meet the growing needs.
The entrance to the department, as well as the waiting rooms and offices have been completely redesigned. The members of the consortium worked hard to make the facility welcoming by integrating light and colorful elements in the facade and common areas.  

* The particle gas pedals used to treat cancers - radiotherapy, radiosurgery - must be housed in specially adapted rooms. They are designed as "bunkers" protecting the outside from the radiation emitted. (source: IRSN)


The contract was signed on May 25 between the commercial teams and the Amiens Picardie University Hospital. The works, supervised by Samuel Gosse, will start next November after 6 months of design, for a provisional delivery at the end of 2023.

The project
Project owner: CHU Amiens Picardie

Assistance to the project owner: SOCOFIT and ASCOH 

*Members of the design-build consortium: Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest (leader and builder), CRR Ecritures Architecturales (architect), Projex Ingénierie (engineering office) and Diagobat environnement (energy and environment design office)

Contract value: €15.5 million (including BBGO's share: €14.2 million)

They contributed to the success of the project: Frédérique Bocé, Xavier Arlot, Aude Collin, Magalie Vaquez, Randa Lahoud, Matthieu Bourgeois, Stéphane Delugre, Gwenael Doublet, Gilles Mousain, Philippe Hertz, Bertrand Desailly, Jean Lafage and Xavier Mondher.
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