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The local authority of Nantes Métropole has awarded NOVAE a public service delegation contract to build and operate a new heating network across its territory.

NOVAE aims to develop innovative and connected solutions for this network, in order to optimise its way of operating at different levels: 
 • Economically: control of consumption, investments and operating costs,
 • Environmentally: integrating energy from renewable sources,
 • Societally: offering users new services and making the network more reliable.

To implement these innovative solutions and develop a full-scale thermal Smart Grid, NOVAE has been working with Axione Nantes since 2020 to build a fibre-optic network for this new intelligent network.
The cables are laid in air or water from one substation to another in HDPE (High density polyethylene) pipes laid alongside the heating pipes.

This project demonstrates our know-how: we used our technical skills to support the client throughout the design and construction phases, by making proposals. We also had to show flexibility to meet the deadlines.

Stéphane Clavier Telecom Project Manager at the West branch (Rezé)

The aim is to connect all the substation and boiler room automatic controllers, enabling real-time monitoring of the 55 km heating network. All told, over 10,000 homes, service buildings and public buildings will be connected to the network. 

Thermal Smart Grid for connected cities
This is an innovation for large cities, as local energy consumption is optimised, resulting in lower bills for users and the community. It is a virtuous circle for more efficient energy use.

Our staff are helping to implement a more local and 80% renewable energy source through this project.

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