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The Pont des Piles is located in Shawinigan, Quebec. It is currently instrumented with more than a hundred sensors positioned at strategic locations and transmitting data continuously. The analysis of the data shows a faster and more significant state of degradation than expected, particularly affecting the deck. With public safety in mind, Ministry of Transport took the decision to proceed with the complete closure, until reinforcement works are carried out. 

The solutions to reinforce the structure were limited as there were many repairs done previously. VSL supported CIMA+, the consultant, to develop a reinforcement solution using stay cables. 

VSL was able to provide the required material within the tight schedule imposed by the project with a competitive price and was therefore awarded by Eurovia to supply the stay cables system, an associated monitoring system and also provided onsite technical assistance.

Securing the cable-stayed structure

Two pylons were built on the two piers of the structure. Stay cables are connected to these pylons on the top end and secured to the bridge deck at the bottom end on the main span. On the back span, stay cables were secured to the newly casted concrete blocks. This technique allowed the added elements to take up part of the loads imposed on the deck.

With an average traffic flow of 11,600 vehicles per day, VSL had to cope with a very tight schedule to avoid disrupting traffic for too long.

The reinforcement of the structure is intended to extend the life of the structure by 5 years - while a new bridge is built alongside it. Works started in June 2022 and have just been completed.

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Contact : Harsh VARDHAN
VSL Project Manager
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