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On November 25, the foundation stone for the UNIK project at the Istres air base (13) was laid. This is the largest project under the framework contract signed in June 2020 between Bouygues Bâtiment France and the French Ministry of the Army. What is the status of the project in the South-East? What UNIK projects are underway and what are the next ones? Here is an overview of the projects in our region.   

Four buildings with a total capacity of 403 beds to be completed in 12 months for a total of €20.9 million: this is the challenge that Anastasia Belmonte and Thomas Marcotte's teams will take up in April 2023 on the UNIK site at the Istres air base (13). The first stone of this project was laid on November 25 in the presence of Patricia Miralles, the French Minister for Veterans and Remembrance, and it is the largest project under the UNIK framework contract.

UNIK - Istres Air Force Base (13)

For the record, this vast program includes the design, construction, fitting out, upkeep and maintenance between 2020 and 2025 of accommodation buildings in three geographical lots, concentrated in the South-East, West and Grand-East regions. A total of 51 UNIK operations are planned in France, including 17 in the Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est region. From an environmental standpoint, all of them will be E3C1-certified and RE2020-compliant.


A highly successful industrialization solution

7: the number of off-site prefabricated elements (precast slabs, concrete pre-cast walls and beams, wood-frame walls in facades delivered with integrated exterior joinery, bathrooms, PRS beams, technical ducts) that are installed each day on a UNIK site! "This is the first time that so many prefabricated elements are concentrated on a housing site," explains Romain Vondière, UNIK Project Director. "This allows us to considerably optimize our construction times - between 7 and 12 months of work per site. So much so that when the client orders a building from us, he occupies it the following year!". The construction of all UNIK buildings is based on a 2D industrialization solution combining wood and concrete, which is fully in line with our ambition to build differently.

Exemplary logistics and cleanliness on the construction site 

On the building site, this industrialization presents considerable advantages: "In structural work, we are really on a "logistic building site", with at least 3 trucks of prefabricated elements which deliver to us each day" confirms Camille Allègre, Manager of the 4 UNIK building sites in progress at BBSE. And as many elements are prefabricated in the factory, waste on site is very reduced. "For the floors for example, as we are not using traditional formwork, we have no plywood waste, so there is almost no waste! "With the prefabricated bathrooms and technical ducts, it's the same, we don't have any pallets arriving on site..."

12 UNIK sites in 2023 at BBSE

The adventure will accelerate in 2023 on our territory with no less than 12 UNIK projects in progress! Next steps in the first half of 2023: deliveries to Canjuers (83) and Saint-Christol d'Albion (84) in February and March, and the start-up in February of Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer Nord (83), in March of Cannet-des-Maures 1 (83) and Salon-de-Provence - Brocard (13), and in April of Istres (13) To be continued! 

UNIK within the scope of Bouygues Bâtiment Sud-Est is :

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