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A contract worth nearly €50 million for IEP
Following on from the five successful projects for the IGR Villejuif, Le Bourget RER, Saint-Maur Créteil, Créteil l'Echat and Massy Palaiseau stations, Industrie et Equipements Publics is to carry out the structural work and architectural work for the Antonypole and Massy Opéra stations on line 18 of the Grand Paris Express. Their architecture has been designed by the Ateliers 2/3/4/ agency; the first works, lasting 61 months, will begin in March 2023 for Antonypole and in May 2024 for Massy Opéra. Delivery is scheduled for the end of 2027. This is a single contract for these two stations, worth a total of nearly 50 million euros - nearly 28 million euros for Antonypole and nearly 21 million euros for Massy Opéra.


The main specificity of the Antonypole station project is its brick facades: a complex implementation with a precise layout using the bricks in relief or recessed, both supports of artistic work but also intended for the ventilation of technical premises. They must be perfectly executed because they are the identity of the building. The slender posts and their junction with the continuous ceilings between interior and exterior are another major challenge. The interior cladding will be bronze and the roofing will have many skylights to let the light in.

Antonypole station

Massy Opéra

The main challenge for the Massy Opéra station will be the realization of its facades and false ceilings in Hainaut stone. The complex geometry of the station, with its protruding edges, will require constant dialogue between the various trades in order to achieve a perfect result in the assembly of the different parts of the volume. The perfect continuity of appearance between the interior and exterior was a prerequisite for the project. Like Antonypole, the interior cladding will be in bronze tones; the facades will be glazed and the structure will include many glass windows. Another constraint is that Massy Opéra is located right in the city center, which will make the work more complex, and the life base will be annexed to the construction site and accessible by a footbridge.

Massy Opéra station

Key figures for line 18
10 stations, 3 of which are connected to the Ile-de-France transport network
24 ancillary structures including 3 special structures
1 operations center in Palaiseau
100,000 trips per day
34.6 km of automatic line, including 14.1 km of overhead line

Line 18 map

These 2 new stations reward once again the work of IEP teams and underline the experience capitalized on the previously won stations. 
Congratulations to the commercial team and to the employees of IEP's Pôle Construire Autrement! 

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