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Our Clermont teams started the Gauthière project last November on behalf of the social landlord Assemblia. Worth €9.6 million, this project aims to rehabilitate 300 housing units located northeast of Clermont-Ferrand on an occupied site.

Carried out in collaboration with Vincent Brugerolles Architectes and Foury Roul Architectes, this rehabilitation mobilizes our teams on two separate sites, one of which is located in a sensitive area:
- rue du Pradou: 140 housing units divided into 3 buildings in R+3
- rue des jardiniers: 160 housing units in an R+10 building.

In total, 23 months of work are planned to give a second life to these buildings, in particular:
- enclosed and covered:
> repair of the thermal insulation from the outside
> replacement of all joinery with PVC joinery
> removal of metal shutters…

- inside the accommodation:
> 80% change in floor coverings
> replacement of 813 sanitary appliances and installation of senior shower cubicles
> replacement of 80% of existing electrical equipment

- in the common areas:
> refurbishment of the entrance halls of the Rue des Jardiniers building
> intervention in the landing shafts for the installation of satellite TV
> blocking of openings.

This project will mobilize 90% of local businesses and will also make it possible to carry out return-to-work operations thanks to the completion of 7,747 hours of integration.

Delivery is scheduled for October 2024.

Did you know that?
The cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand, built in the 13th century, is one of the masterpieces of French Gothic art. It owes a lot to the famous 19th century architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, known for his restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Overlooking the historic center of Clermont-Ferrand, the cathedral owes its unique black color to the Volvic stone, a volcanic rock originating from the eponymous city. This particularity has earned it the nickname of “Cathedral of Charbonniers”.
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