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That's it ! The crane has been in place since last week on the site of the extension of the Clermont-Ferrand Business School (63). Spotlight on this operation combining new construction and rehabilitation in the city center.

Started in October 2022, this project consists of extending the existing school by approximately 4,000 m2:
- by rehabilitating 18th century buildings retroceded by the city
- by adding a new extension mixing wood and concrete, located between the 18th century buildings and the existing school.

Realized with CRR Architecture, the project aims for environmental certifications BREEAM level "Very Good" and E3C1 of the E+C- label, and mixes several construction methods:
- new construction and rehabilitation
- old lime/stone structures
- metallic structures
- wooden structures
- concrete structures.

On the site, after the realization at the beginning of the year of 49 piles and 23 micropiles descending to 17 meters in a particularly small space, the team is now mobilized on the realization in its own right of the structural work of the rehabilitation part and of the infrastructures of the extension part, as well as the subcontracted installation of part of the metal frame of the rehabilitation part. Next major step in sight: the start of work on the timber frame at the end of March.

It should also be noted that 6,500 hours will be worked by people who have lost employment in order to support them in their professional reintegration.

Delivery is scheduled in 3 sentences for spring 2024.

Would you like to consult the site webcam? It's here !

Good job everyone!

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