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Renovating and raising an active Belle Epoque building in an earthquake zone: this is the challenge that the Richelmi teams are currently taking up in the heart of Monaco. Spotlight on an extraordinary operation.

The Richelmi teams started this impressive project in January 2021, carried out on behalf of the Italian Catholic congregation "Piccola Casa Della Divina Provvidenza", the aim of which is to create 10 new apartments above the Villa Ménésini to generate rental income and to help those most in need.

On the program for this 8-storey building dating from 1905:
- elevation of 3 floors each composed of 5 apartments and private terraces accessible to the apartments on the top floor
- renovation of the common areas of the building
- creation and renovation of elevator shafts
- creation of a transformer room and a generator room.

A sizeable challenge for the Richelmi teams, who notably worked on new solutions in the design phase, in order to meet the requirements of this site in an earthquake zone:
- choice of an elevation in metal structure and need to reinforce the foundations, posts and load-bearing beams of the building to support the new loads
- implementation of a complex of light and unusual facades, composed of metal cladding trays.

Two years after the start of the construction site, the structural work is coming to an end! Next steps in sight for the mobilized employees:
- realization of the envelope of the elevation in metal cladding
- construction of secondary trades
- development of private terraces with summer kitchen
- cladding of the facade with elements of "Belle Epoque" moldings and zinc roofing.

See you in September for delivery!

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