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Located on the Somerset coast, in South West England, the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station is taking shape. This extraordinary project will enable two EPRs (European Pressurized Reactors) to come on stream, which will provide 7% of the country's electricity needs and supply nearly 6 million homes!

Big Carl back in action on the second reactor building

On 26 April, the world's largest land-based crane, known as Big Carl, moved the second liner ring from the prefabrication bunker to be placed temporarily on a platform. The liner ring will now be painted before being installed on the second reactor building. This operation allowed the teams to begin the prefabrication of ring no. 3 in the same bunker.

The second NIU2 liner ring in a few figures:
• 17 metres high: it will be the highest liner ring placed on the reactor building
• 47 metres in diameter
• 353 metric tons 

With the first ring already installed in November 2021, Big Carl will have two more rings to install on the Unit 2 building. This gigantic crane, which is capable of lifting up to 5,000 tonnes, lifted the third and final liner ring onto the first reactor building in December.

The second reactor building is taking shape 

Our teams completed the concrete pouring operations for level 2 of the second reactor’s containment, using the biggest formwork system on site. Use of this system has significantly optimised the pouring time, with only 15 days between the first and second operations. The completion of level 2 is an important milestone, since it means teams can now move on to level 3 of the building!

Well done to all of them for their hard work and commitment.


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