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The first crane has been in place for a month on this new housing project that our Provence-Alpes teams are carrying out on behalf of ADOMA in Aix-en-Provence. A project carried out in the heart of a still occupied residence and in several phases!

On the "Petit Barthélémy" program: the construction of 300 housing units (275 social housing units and a boarding house with 25 housing units) spread over 2 buildings and a car park, all located in the immediate vicinity of the site currently occupied by tenants.

Conducted in design-build with ATC Architecture, OTEIS Conseil & Ingénierie and Avenir Déconstruction, this operation is structured around 4 phases:
- 1st phase: construction of a 153-unit building for delivery in May 2024
- 2nd phase: relocation of part of the tenants of the existing building to the new building delivered, then asbestos removal and demolition of part of the existing building
- 3rd phase: construction of the second building of 147 apartments for delivery in May 2025
- 4th phase: relocation of the remaining tenants in the existing building to the second building delivered, then asbestos removal and demolition of the remaining part of the existing building, and construction of the heart of the block, a basin and various roads and networks (VRD ) for delivery in December 2025.

The project is aiming for the BDM (Mediterranean Sustainable Building) bronze level label and will be the first BBSE housing project to be subject to the RE2020 environmental regulations.

Main challenge ahead for our teams: maintaining continuity of service on all networks (urban heating, electricity, gas, water, etc.), in order to guarantee the efficiency of the existing building throughout the duration of the works. On the construction site, the structural work started at the end of April: our Companions are currently mobilized on the construction of the foundations.

Happy construction everyone!

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