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The Hôtel Dieu redevelopment program, a vast 33,000 m2 mixed-use operation (including 22,200 m2 of housing and 10,000 m2 of attractions), is part of the Rennes 2030 urban project. It is characterized by a mix of uses (housing, health, well-being, restaurants, shops, etc.) as well as a social mix, with a new supply of social rental housing. The aim of the project is to develop a new attraction that will enhance the historical heritage so dear to the people of Rennes, extending and strengthening the city center, while offering a genuine living space with housing, services, entertainment and cultural activities.

Composed of 3 phases, the Hôtel Dieu site has been supported since 2017 by Linkcity Grand Ouest and its partners architects and urban planners ANMA and ALL, and is the fruit of collaborative work with the city, the university hospital, Rennes Métropole, Territoires and the Etablissement Public Foncier de Bretagne (EPFB). 

The first phase, comprising the Saint Malo block, will include :
→ the "Office Santé Hôtel Dieu" health center,
→ "Elancia" fitness center,
→ the "Conservatoire du Patrimoine Hospitalier de Rennes",
→ the Rennes Métropole public parking lot, managed by Citédia, with 305 car parks,
→ 40 social rental housing units from Archipel habitat
→ 56 Usufruit Locatif Social (ULS) housing units for Perl, managed by Archipel habitat.

Local shops will open their doors by summer with "16h30" patisserie and "Urban Expression" hairstylist.

Begun in January 2021, construction of this first phase has just been completed, with overall delivery.

Strengthened by an emotional attachment to the soul of the site and with a strong ambition for its future, the main thrusts of the Hôtel Dieu redevelopment project have been defined: a green and peaceful gateway to the city, an open place for mixing and emulation, a flexible place built around the plans of residents and elected representatives. Linkcity confirms its promise: "l'Hôtel Dieu, a destination for all citizens of Rennes"

Loïc Gervot Regional Manager for Bretagne & Pays de Loire Linkcity Grand Ouest.
L’inauguration de l’îlot Saint-Malo et l’Hôtel Dieu en fête !
The end of the first phase of the project was marked on June 2 by the inauguration, during which XXL cakes and pastries, prepared by the 16h30 patisserie, were shared by all those involved in the project with all invited guests, partners, elected representatives, residents... Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4 : A festive weekend followed at Hôtel Dieu, with a program of activities open to all: introduction to rock climbing, sports workshops, discovery of the Conservatoire du Patrimoine Hospitalier de Rennes, visit to the Hôtel Dieu redevelopment site...
Hôtel Dieu : Inauguration de l'îlot Saint-Malo, le 2 juin 2023
 Hôtel Dieu : Inauguration de l'îlot Saint-Malo, le 2 juin 2023
 Hôtel Dieu : Inauguration de l'îlot Saint-Malo, le 2 juin 2023
 Hôtel Dieu : Inauguration de l'îlot Saint-Malo, le 2 juin 2023

What's next for the Hôtel Dieu metamorphosis?

Linkcity is working in partnership with Archipel habitat on the western part of the Saint-Martin to build 75 new housing units, including 43 social rental units, 32 units under a "bail réel solidaire" and 2 business premises on the first floor. Earthworks are currently underway.

The historic Hôtel-Dieu building will offer :
               - 41 apartments ranging from studios to 4-room duplexes, renovated and transformed by "Histoire et Patrimoine", a division of real estate developer Altaréa. The renovation work will start after the summer.
               - leisure activities and services for all Rennais residents, becoming a hub of attraction in the city center: shops, hostelry, coworking, restaurants, urban leisure activities (rock climbing), events space in the chapel....

The eastern part of the Saint-Martin islet, on the other hand, will mainly accommodate unoccupied housing. Design studies are currently underway.

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