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Essential transport infrastructure for the metropolis

Eight million people live in Abidjan. Located in the south-east of the Ivory Coast, on the banks of the Ebrié Lagoon, it is the country's most populous city. And it has a major problem: difficult access to mobility, particularly for people living to the north of the town who need to use public transport to get to work. What's more, the cost of these journeys represents a substantial part of their budget, becoming a disincentive to the use of public transport. 

The Abidjan metro project, the first in sub-Saharan Africa, was born to make the daily commute much easier for local people. It will cut journey times by a factor of five and transport costs by a factor of four.

A genuine lever for economic growth 

As well as improving mobility, this project is a real springboard for the city's economic growth. It is boosting local employment, particularly among young people, creating a significant number of jobs. There is a particular focus on passing on Bouygues Travaux Publics' know-how to these youngsters, as well as to the subcontractors involved in the project, in order to provide them with the best possible support and help them develop their construction business skills. 

Work gets off to a flying start! 

The STAR consortium (Bouygues Travaux Publics, Colas Rail, Alstom, Keolis) has launched work on this elevated light rail transit network. As summer starts, teams are working on:

• Earthworks and drainage works in the north, from Adjamé to Anyama
• Preparing the railway base at Plateau Lagune
• The concrete plant at the Treichville base
• Diversions of wet networks at Port-Bouet

Watch this video for an overview of the work in progress!

The Abidjan metro in a few figures
- A 38-kilometre-long route
- 18 stations 
- 24 bridges 
­- 1 viaduct over the lagoon
­- A capacity of 500,000 passengers per day

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