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Improving safety and traffic flow

After several years of work, the third lane of the section linking Veigné to Sainte Maure de Touraine was opened to traffic on 4 July. The main aim of this ambitious project was to improve safety for road users while helping traffic flow more smoothly. Covering a total distance of around 24 km, the project was a major challenge in terms of safety, with around 1,500 vehicles per hour in each direction using the road during the work. This aspect was therefore crucially important for all the parties involved, both the Bouygues Group entities and the customer, Vinci Autoroutes.

A better living environment for local residents

In addition to the benefits in terms of safety and traffic flow, this project also took onboard the concerns of local people. Acoustic and environmental measures have been taken to improve their quality of life. Particular attention has been paid to the collection of stormwater runoff from the road, with the construction of retention basins.

A partnership to rise to the challenge

Efficient coordination between the members of the consortium comprising Colas, Bouygues Travaux Publics Régions France and Aximum was needed to deliver this large-scale project. There were numerous activities to complete and coordinate, from earthworks and the construction of engineering structures to the laying of asphalt and the installation of safety equipment.

The challenge was met on time, thanks to the commitment, trust and shared determination of everyone involved in the project, who together built a collective work designed to improve mobility.

Over and above the technical aspects, this project illustrates a wonderful human adventure and the ability of the Group's companies to work in partnership to deliver a collective project designed to improve everyday mobility for both local people and the many holidaymakers who use this motorway.

Without further ado, let’s take a look back at this project in video and meet the men and women who made this challenge such a success! 

The consortium
Colas Project (leader), Colas, Bouygues Travaux Publics Régions France, Aximum
The project in a few figures
- 24 km of linear infrastructure
- 1 million m3 of earthworks  
- 200,000 m3 of sub-base layer
- 17 water treatment basins
- over 450,000 tonnes of pavement  
- 10 overpasses
- 4 underpasses
- 2 hydraulic structures
- 13 km of sewers
- 70 km of surface drainage (ditches, gutters, culverts)
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