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Queen's Wharf is a cutting-edge integrated resort in the heart of the Central Business District, comprising four luxury hotels, more than 50 dining venues, 1,500 residential apartments, and the restoration of nine heritage buildings. These structures seamlessly combine hotels, apartments, casinos, bars, and restaurants, creating a captivating fusion of premium hospitality and entertainment.

As part of this construction project, VSL was responsible for the heavy lifting of the three skydeck bridges that connect the four luxury hotels. VSL’s scope was to design, supply, operate temporary works and heavy-lift equipment for the lifting into place of the panoramic platforms. Heavy lift by strand jacking was the chosen solution by Multiplex, the main contractor. This method allows the structure to be assembled safely at ground level, then lifted and secured in position. This reduces work at heights and improves safety, productivity, and efficiency.

The project posed numerous technical challenges, including the restraint and guidance of the skydecks during the three-lifting operations over 100 meters above street level. Skydeck lift weights were:

-  Lift 1: 150 Tonnes
-  Lift 2: 220 Tonnes
-  Lift 3: 375 Tonnes
VSL Switzerland supplemented VSL Australia’s equipment supply and provided the ‘RIO’ control system. This computer control system measures and controls lift loads, lift speed and lift point heights to ensure the structure is lifted evenly and no undue forces are applied.

With a contract starting in July 2021, the heavy lifting operations were completed in September 2023 making Queen's Wharf Brisbane a shining example of engineering ingenuity of VSL’s Teams. Well done to our VSL teams in Brisbane for such a great accomplishment on schedule!

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