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Many changes to our working practices occurred in 2020 – working from home was standardised, and numerous new collaborative tools were introduced. We made more use than ever of digital technology. In light of these changes, not to mention the ever-present risk of cybercrime, it is important to ensure that everyone’s digital practices comply with requirements for security, confidentiality, accessibility and storage for information handled on a day-to-day basis in their work (documents and emails).

According to recent observations, some of our information is poorly organised, superfluous or obsolete. In terms of compliance, there is not always a sufficient level of vigilance with regard to the sensitivity of certain data, in particular when it includes personal information. The mass of unnecessary or under-secured documents also makes it complicated to access the right information.

This is the context in which Bouygues Construction has launched BYforU, a document management optimisation programme. This programme, which applies to all Bouygues Construction employees worldwide, is designed to adapt some of our practices and reinforce good practices in order to make our working methods safer while facilitating everyone’s day-to-day work.

I am counting on everybody’s commitment to successfully complete this essential process for the Group.

Marie-Luce Godinot Executive Vice President Bouygues Construction*

What exactly is BYforU?

The programme, which is sponsored by Bouygues Construction General Management, has already got underway with the use of the Microsoft OneDrive solution for storing and securing our individual documents, as well as the migration of our email platform to Microsoft 365 online services, which offer greater comfort and more features.

BYforU incorporates a document management policy associated with simple and clear rules and good practices covering three key areas:
- encouraging collaborative work by preferring solutions such as SharePoint or Teams to file servers,
- limiting the storage period of documents and emails to what is necessary,
- ensuring that useful information can be accessed in shared spaces and that it is not scattered in individual spaces such as email accounts and PCs.

A number of concrete steps which will have an impact on everyone’s daily life have already been planned and these will be implemented over the coming months.

Above all, they concern the implementation of a 10-year storage period for our individual documents and emails. As the majority of the group’s documents are currently stored on employees’ PCs or in their e-mail accounts, this support programme should see practices evolve and shared spaces come into use. The aim is to limit the storage of information in individual spaces in favour of spaces accessible by the company, whether or not the employee is present.

To ensure that everyone fully understands these rules and good practices, the Group will be providing  awareness and training sessions through ByLe@rn and the 30 Minutes of ISO. Networks will also be set up in the entities to provide local support for the change. Separate communications campaigns will focus on the each milestone of the programme, with the single aim of helping all 58,000 of our employees to make a change to their habits.

Look out for the next step In June, when we will explain everything you need to know regarding the deletion of exchanges more than 3 months old in the “Chat” tab on Teams, the equivalent of Skype (this restriction does not affect exchanges in the “Teams” tab).

*with responsibility for digital transformation, information systems, innovation and sustainable development

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